At the Malibu house, Liam tells Quinn it's over. They rehash Ridge almost dying because of her. Quinn says Ridge is fine and Hope wants to forgive Wyatt. Liam tells her there is no way left for her and Wyatt to get into Hope's life. Quinn says Wyatt helped Hope achieve success while Liam gave her a kitten. Liam says Hope cares about more than dollar signs. Quinn says Hope fired Wyatt to protect Liam's fragile little ego and Wyatt should be hired back. Liam accuses her of having an ulterior motive - to get Wyatt to forgive her. He orders Quinn out - he doesn't care what she thinks or how unfair this feels to her. Quinn tells him the sword around his neck bonds him to his father and brother, yet he's willing to ruin Wyatt's life. "Live by the sword, die by the sword." She jabs his throat.

At Forrester, Rick tells everyone the press still doesn't know Ridge was missing, which is good for the family but not the business since couture is on hold. They discuss plans for the Hope For The Future line. Ally thinks the focus should be back on Hope's message now that Wyatt and Quinn are gone. Hope tells Maya she's looking forward to seeing her smiling in the photos. Maya asks Hope if there's been a problem with her work. Hope says they've missed her trademark smile - something's obviously been bothering her. Maya looks at Caroline and Rick. After, Hope is surprised when Ally hopes Wyatt and Quinn don't go out of business. Hope notes the change in her attitude. Ally says she's been seeing somebody - Oliver. Hope thinks it's great. In the studio, Maya complains to Oliver that she's sick of watching Caroline Spencer living her life. She warns him about playing Ally. Oliver says he's not - they have Thorne's blessing. Maya complains she could have had all the Forresters have. Oliver cautions Maya not to mess up her gig there. Maya talks about how Rick opened her up to dreams of a different kind of life. Maya feels she'll never be on the inside with Carter, but Oliver could be with Ally. Oliver wonders if she's angry. Maya is sick of people like Caroline getting what they want. Upstairs, Rick points out to Carter that Maya's latest shots are a little intense. Later, Rick relaxes in the steam room. Someone he assumes is Caroline enters and massages his shoulders - it's Maya. Meanwhile, Oliver tells Ally that Maya left the studio and convinces her to pose for him. Upstairs, Hope tells Caroline she's committed to Liam.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Wyatt is shocked by Quinn's dedication.

Rick's plans take an unexpected detour.

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