In Malibu, Brooke, Liam and Hope discuss Ridge's return and Hope and Liam's reunion. Hope mentions that Deacon visited. Liam recalls that he busted up their wedding, and Brooke wonders what he wants. Hope says he'd like to get to know her better and she's not opposed to it. Brooke doesn't trust him. Hope wants to have some kind of relationship with him.

At her warehouse, Quinn complains to Deacon about Wyatt losing Hope. She tells him, "You want to help Hope, I want to help Wyatt. Let's work something out." Deacon warns he won't mess with his daughter's happiness again. Quinn goes on about how great Hope and Wyatt were together. Deacon laughs about Quinn shooting herself in the foot with the selfie situation. She wants to know the cost of his help. Deacon asks to stay at the warehouse. She agrees. Deacon says he'll see what he can do.

At home, Wyatt sits sadly on his sofa looking at photos of him and Hope and staring into space.

At Forrester, Thorne spots Ally with Oliver outside. He sends Ally inside and asks Oliver what his intentions are with his daughter. He acknowledges Oliver was a big part of Ally's breakthrough, but needs to know his intentions are true. They discuss Ally's issues. Oliver says he's stoked about the progress she's made. Thorne warns Oliver that for Ally, this relationship is serious. Oliver assures him of his feelings for Ally. She returns. Ally tells Thorne he doesn't have to worry about her anymore. She credits Oliver. Thorne gives his blessing to them seeing each other and says he'll stick around in L.A. After, Oliver tells Ally that he reassured Thorne. Ally admits she's falling for him. They kiss. In Hope's office, she and Deacon chat about Ridge's return and what Deacon did at her wedding. She says there will be another wedding. Deacon asks if she's sure Liam's the right guy. Hope takes a call from Wyatt, who wants her to come over. She tells him he's making this difficult and hangs up. Deacon asks if she's over Wyatt. Hope says she cares about him, but it's best this way; she doesn't want Quinn as a mother-in-law.

Quinn visits Liam to tell him that she won't back off until Hope is out of his life. He calls her a textbook stalker. They bicker. Quinn says Hope and Wyatt will be together again. Liam gasps that she's psychotic. Quinn tells him she will haunt him. He didn't destroy her, he made her stronger and so much more dangerous.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Maya talks to Oliver about regrets.

Liam and Quinn's rivalry escalates.

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