At home, Wyatt is thinking about Hope when Quinn arrives. She breathlessly asks if he's heard the news. He won't let her in. She tells him what she caused just got a lot less serious. "Ridge is alive!" Quinn says this is Hope's out - she won't stay with Liam and can now go back to Wyatt. They debate about the matter. Quinn thinks Hope will forgive him, and then he can forgive Quinn too. Wyatt decides he's going to go see Hope in person. Quinn murmurs, "That's my boy."

At the Forrester mansion, the scene is set for Ridge's welcome home party. Rick and Carter wax on about never giving up hope. Hope tells everyone they'll take their cues from Ridge. "He's alive and that's all that matters." Eric arrives with Thorne and Brooke, who say Ridge and Katie will be there soon. She cautions that Ridge is not quite himself yet. Ridge and Katie soon arrive and everyone applauds. Ridge looks shyly pleased. He stands by the fireplace mantle and they all look at him. He apologizes for putting them all through this - he could have handled things better. Someone blames Quinn. Hope makes a speech to Ridge about what she went through while he was missing; trying to remember what the last thing she said to him was. She tells Ridge he was a great father figure to her and she's glad he is back. Rick tells Ridge they're all glad he's back and embraces him. After, Ridge cracks jokes over cake and Thorne talks to Felicia by phone. She and Kristen are making arrangements to visit. Eric says Steffy and Thomas are coming too. Ridge then learns that RJ was never told about him going missing - they didn't want to put him through that. Brooke and Eric congratulate Liam and Hope on being back together. Hope says she broke things off with Wyatt and also fired him and Quinn - Rick made the call. Eric says Quinn is no longer welcome at Forrester Creations. When Liam goes to get dessert, Hope spots Wyatt outside. She joins him out there and Liam notices she's missing. Wyatt tells Hope he didn't want to knock. She assures him she's not going to change her mind. Wyatt says he just wanted to tell her he's happy about Ridge - for her and her family. She hugs him as Liam looks out. Inside, Katie confides to Ridge that she still has a knot in her stomach. He reassures her, but talks about missing pieces. Katie says they'll figure it out together. Ridge confirms he's ready to marry her and they kiss.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Quinn receives some sound advice from Bill.

Oliver is confronted by Thorne.

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