In Abu Dhabi, Katie kisses Ridge and implores him to tell her he remembers them. He stares. She asks again. Outside, Bill questions Brooke about Ridge's condition and recovery. Brooke says he'll need time, and Katie is anxious for the fog to clear. Later, Bill, Brooke, Eric, and Thorne join Katie and Ridge in the suite. Ridge tells them he doesn't have amnesia, he's just fuzzy on some things. They ask what he recalls about the helicopter incident. Ridge looks flustered. Eric urges him to take his time - it will come back eventually. Thorne says they'll make arrangements to get back to L.A. After Ridge says he remembers Katie as Brooke's sister, she asks to speak to him alone. On the sofa, she urges Ridge to relax; it will all come back to him. Meanwhile, Bill realizes Brooke is worried about Ridge not seeming to remember his relationship with Katie. In the other room, Katie describes their courtship to Ridge. She recites a line from their poem. Ridge picks up where she left off. He then kisses her.

At Bikini Bar, Deacon chats with the bartender about Quinn. "She's a real piece of work." Quinn arrives and asks Deacon if he has seen Hope. Deacon says he has and he's got news. She becomes impatient and presses him to tell her. He asks, "Or what? You're going to spank me like the bad boy I used to be?" Deacon chuckles and relents. He tells Quinn that it's hard to keep a good dressmaker down - Ridge has been found. Quinn suspects he's lying. Deacon explains he was with Hope when she got the call. Quinn complains about Hope's tofu loving boyfriend but muses that will all change. She's going to fix things and Deacon's going to help her. Deacon laughs. "Like hell." After Quinn mentions updating Wyatt about Ridge, Deacon accuses her of clinging onto her grown son. She blames everything on Liam. Deacon doesn't buy it. Quinn paints a picture of it all turning around with Hope dumping Liam. Deacon calls it wishful thinking.

At the Forrester mansion, Caroline, Ally, Oliver, Liam, Hope and Rick discuss the Ridge situation. Carter, Maya, and Pam appear. Rick says Eric called - they are bringing Ridge home tomorrow. Pam says that's why they're rallying the troops. Hope explains about Ridge's concussion and confusion. Ally asks for reassurance that he'll still be the same Ridge they know and love. They decide to plan a party - seeing his family and friends is bound to jog Ridge's memory. Hope and Liam think Ridge's survival was miraculous - and they are too.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Forrester friends and family gather.

Wyatt receives good news from Quinn.

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