In Abu Dhabi, Katie cries and hugs Ridge. "You're alive." He nods. Eric asks Ridge what happened. Ridge says someone found him, took him in, and now he's there. Eric and Brooke step away. Katie rambles to Ridge about investigating the accident and then about going home. Nearby, Brooke and Eric agree that something's off with Ridge - he's not fully present. Eric says a doctor's on the way. The doctor arrives and confirms Ridge has a concussion and is suffering from memory loss and confusion - he should be monitored back in the States and avoid stress. Ridge wants to head home. Brooke says RJ's been dying to see him. Ridge looks uncomprehending, but says, "RJ yeah sure." Katie talks to Ridge about hitting his head. "Do you remember us?" She immediately apologizes for pressuring him with questions and says they can pick up where they left off. Ridge looks puzzled. She holds up her finger with the red string and tells him about their plans together. "Tell me you remember, Ridge." Elsewhere, Bill and Justin discuss the helicopter incident in hushed tones. Justin tells Bill that he thinks Ridge may have seen him before he 'cooled him off'. Bill is irked. They go over how it all went down. Justin says he noticed Ridge staring at the Spencer logo on the sleeve of his jacket. Bill says no one can ever know he dumped Ridge from the chopper. Brooke appears. "Ridge is alive." She tells them she found him on the beach, but he's a bit foggy. Bill and Justin exchange a look. Bill says, "This is wonderful news, Brooke."

At Forrester Creations, everyone has gathered for a meeting called by Hope. Maya speculates that it must be about Ridge. Hope arrives with Liam and says she has news. "Ridge is alive! Mom found him!" Everyone cheers. Liam fist pumps. "Ridge is back, baby!" As they all talk about how relieved they feel, Carter notices Maya eyeballing Oliver and warns her to stop. She concedes it's not the right time. Hope and Liam continue to enthuse about Ridge being found. They talk about how nearly losing someone changes perspective. Ally thanks Oliver for his support. Maya watches through narrowed eyes. Rick tells Pam that Ridge makes him furious, but he didn't want to learn to live without him. Pam finds Donna in the hall and tells her she believes Stephanie helped find Ridge. Donna says if anyone could boss around the universe it's Stephanie. Hope calls everyone together again. She makes a speech about being family and remembering how they feel right now.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie is devastated that her future with Ridge may not go as planned.

Quinn gets important information from Deacon.

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