In Abu Dhabi, Brooke looks up the beach and sees a man in white. She thinks it's Ridge and approaches. He turns and she gasps, "Oh my God!" She embraces Ridge, who gets an odd look on his face. Elsewhere, Katie tells Thorne she thinks she would feel it if Ridge were gone. She has to keep believing someone will find him. Thorne reassures her. Katie then talks about planning their wedding. Meanwhile, Brooke returns to the room. "Where's Katie?" Eric isn't sure. Brooke brings Ridge in. Eric embraces him. Ridge again gets a funny look and says he doesn't understand the fuss and just wants to go home. Brooke says Katie will be ecstatic that he's alive. Ridge agrees it will be nice to see her. Eric is talking to Ridge about the search and rescue. Ridge just wants to leave. Brooke suggests he take it easy and describes finding him. Eric goes to call the search team.

Hope invites Deacon into the house. He says it's been too long and apologizes for not keeping in touch - he thought it might be for the best. Hope says he's come at a strange time - Ridge is missing in Abu Dhabi. Deacon is reassuring. They discuss Ridge being a father to Hope, who says Brooke was good at keeping Deacon away from her. They talk about what happened in Italy. Hope knows Bill was behind it. Deacon says that's no excuse. The conversation returns to Ridge. Hope explains that he was engaged to Katie. Deacon asks about Hope's love life. She says she's back with Liam, but also tells him about Wyatt. Deacon tells her he's sticking around for good and wants to build a relationship with her. "I want the chance to be your dad." Hope takes a call from Brooke that Ridge is alive. She hangs up and hugs Deacon. Hope tells Deacon she's glad he was there. She wishes she could see the look on Katie's face when she sees Ridge.

In Abu Dhabi, Brooke tells Ridge that Hope was ecstatic to hear he was alive. She talks to him about the bond they've shared - she will always feel it. Brooke knows he came to save her like he always has. Ridge says it didn't turn out the way he'd planned. Brooke is just happy he's alive. They hug as Katie enters. She cries and rushes into Ridge's arms. Once again, Ridge gets an odd look on his face.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

The Forrester Creations bunch gets an update on Ridge.

Justin and Bill worry that their role with the helicopter will come out.

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