At Bikini Bar, Quinn doesn't believe Deacon that he's Hope's father, but after an online search she's convinced. Quinn asks questions and then complains about Liam leading Hope around by the nose. Deacon gets up to speed on Wyatt being Bill's other son. Quinn tells Deacon they could be good together. Deacon chuckles he doesn't share women with Bill Spencer. She laughs and tells him about the wedding she just stopped. Deacon asks about Ridge. Quinn realizes Deacon came back for Brooke. She shares that Ridge is shark bait. She suggests Deacon check on Hope and call her after.

Liam answers his door to Wyatt and tells him Hope's not there...neither is Quinn. Liam gives Wyatt a dish of ice cream. Wyatt apologizes for hitting him. They discuss their brotherly relationship. Liam admits there have been times he wished he was more like Wyatt. Wyatt asks if Hope is moving in. Liam says he doubts it. Wyatt tells Liam if he marries Hope, it will be a mistake. He warns she'll be drawn back to the passion they shared. Liam insists they satisfy each other. He understands Wyatt not feeling his relationship with Hope is over - he's been there. Wyatt says Liam is condescending, like Ridge. "Maybe that's the attraction." Liam tells Wyatt he needs to accept that he and Hope are together and nothing's going to change that.

In Abu Dhabi, Eric, Brooke, Thorne, Katie, and Bill discuss the search for Ridge. Brooke has a feeling today will be different. The team leader comes in and says the search is officially off.

At Brooke's house, Caroline wonders to Rick, Hope and Ally if they should plan a memorial service or keep pretending that Ridge could be okay. Hope confirms to Ally that she and Liam are back together. Ally's pleased. Brooke calls and tells Hope the search has been called off. Rick and Caroline leave. Hope tells Ally she'd like to be friends again. Once alone, Hope is stunned to see Deacon at the door.

In Abu Dhabi, Brooke hangs up from Hope as Eric complains that the helicopter pilot should face a lawsuit and criminal charges. Bill looks panicky. Thorne wonders if there's a point to staying, but Katie says she isn't leaving without Ridge. Brooke steps out. Katie tells Bill that it doesn't matter who Brooke says she loves, Ridge will always come first. Katie leaves, upset, with Thorne following. Outside, Brooke thinks she sees Ridge up the shoreline.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke finds an answer about Ridge's fate.

Hope is surprised to unexpectedly see her father.

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