In Malibu, Liam assures Hope that Ridge will come home - like she did. Someone hammers on the door. Quinn enters and confronts Hope about dumping Wyatt over something she thinks she did. She rants that it's a mistake to go back to Liam, and assures her she doesn't have to worry about her interfering in Wyatt's life anymore. She goes on about how she's ruined Wyatt's life and he wants her out of it. Quinn begs Hope not to turn her back on her son. Hope says she's made her choice. She lectures Quinn about what they're all going through because of Ridge, and complains about her only being concerned with Wyatt's love life. She reiterates that her future is with Liam, and one day Wyatt will be an uncle to their children. Hope says she's back to being her true self and is in love with Liam. Quinn leaves. Hope tells Liam she's never seen Quinn like that. Hope feels bad about hurting Wyatt. Liam thinks he knew what was coming and says Quinn was just playing on her sympathies. Hope talks about going into work. Liam offers to come with her, but she declines. They talk about how much stronger they are. Liam promises nothing will interfere with their happiness.

At Forrester, Wyatt talks to Caroline. She notes he's packing. Wyatt says he'd better get done before security escorts him out. Caroline hopefully says Ridge could still be alive. Wyatt hopes so for Ridge's family, but it won't help his. They discuss Quinn being reckless. Caroline says he's nothing like that. Wyatt says Hope brought out the best in him. They talk about Quinn and Bill. Wyatt says he warned his mother about what could happen, but she didn't care. He sits down. "I don't see how things could possibly get worse." They discuss Hope dumping him. Wyatt says he'll never get Hope back with Quinn in his life. Caroline notes that he's not giving up. Wyatt says there is nothing else for him but Hope. Once alone, Wyatt moons over memories of Hope.

At Bikini Bar, Quinn drowns her sorrows. A man approaches. "You alright lady?" She snaps that she's fine. "You don't want to sit there." He says he'll take his chances. Quinn tries to get rid of him, but he asks about her bad day. She says she got fired and screwed up her son's romance with a special girl - Hope Logan. "You know her?" Deacon Sharpe says, "Know her? Honey, I'm her daddy." Quinn looks stunned.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke finds something on the beach in Abu Dhabi.

Eric calls Taylor.

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