In Malibu, Liam and Hope bask in being together again. They discuss Ridge, and then Wyatt. Liam says what he offers isn't enough for Hope. He tells Hope about Quinn's visit. Hope says she told Wyatt that he and his mother need to leave Forrester. Liam broaches the subject of Hope living there. He feels she shouldn't move back in until after they're married. Hope giggles and agrees - he knows her so well. They kiss.

At Forrester, Wyatt tells Quinn she's done there - they both are. "And Hope's done with me." Wyatt says he doesn't want to hear Quinn's excuses and they argue about her setting all this in motion. Wyatt says Eric has lost a son and she deserves to lose hers too. Quinn says he doesn't mean that. Wyatt tells her he proposed tonight, but Hope now sees her future with Liam. Quinn says she'll go to Hope, but Wyatt warns her to stay away from Hope and from him. He says Hope wants them gone. "Go back to the factory, Mom. From this point on I don't want anything to do with you." In the studio, Ally and Oliver discuss the absence of news about Ridge. Oliver has put together a pictorial of Ridge through the years. Ally thanks him. Oliver looks forward to butting heads with Ridge again. Ally talks about Quinn and Wyatt having to leave Forrester - she doesn't see them worming their way back in since Hope is also dumping Wyatt. She muses that Wyatt was good at making Hope believe he was something he wasn't. Oliver says people might say the same about him. Ally shakes her head. "They don't know you like I do." They reflect on their relationship. Oliver says she amazes him. In an office, Maya finds Carter fielding phone calls to cover the fact that Ridge is missing. She says he's a good friend to Ridge - she wishes she could be as sure of Oliver's friendship with Ally. They argue. Maya says Ally would be skeptical too if she heard the recording on her phone. Carter warns her not to use that tape - Ally's been through enough. Later, Ally finds Quinn in the corridor and wants her security pass. Quinn tells Ally she'll give it to Eric when he asks. Ally says she was right about them all along. She sneers that Wyatt wound up a loser, just like his mommy.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Wyatt won't give up on the idea of being with Hope.

Quinn meets Deacon Sharpe.

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