At Big Bear, Wyatt kneels before Hope. "Say you'll be my wife." Awkwardness ensues as Hope doesn't answer. Her phone rings - it's Brooke complaining about Quinn. After, Hope tells Wyatt that Brooke blames his mom for Ridge's disappearance; she hates her. Hope thinks it would be best if Wyatt and Quinn were gone by the time Brooke returns. Wyatt says she needs to understand how different he is from his mother. Hope says she does, but reiterates that she made a choice; she's going back to Liam. Wyatt protests and kisses her. Hope apologizes and leaves. Wyatt thinks back on good times with Hope.

In Malibu, Quinn muses to Liam that he reminds her a bit of his father - that confidence will help him find a new girlfriend. Liam insists that Hope has chosen him. They argue about whether what happened to Ridge is Quinn's responsibility. Liam says everyone blames her. He feels this will finally get her and Wyatt out of their lives.

At Forrester, Ally tells Oliver she's stronger than before, thanks to him. Oliver says she's grown up. Peeking in the door, Maya grimaces. Ally tells Oliver she has to go tell Liam what Quinn did. They kiss. Maya hides as Ally leaves and then confronts Oliver. She accuses him of using Ally. Oliver says he has real feelings for her. In the office, Rick tells Caroline, Pam, and Charlie he's certain they'll be firing Quinn. Caroline muses that it wouldn't be a friendly atmosphere for her. Charlie thinks Ms. Permafrost thrives in that sort of environment. Quinn appears. Rick tells her she's gone. She warns he doesn't have a legal leg to stand on. Quinn gets a call from Brooke and tells her she's sorry Ridge got so upset about a private moment between her and Bill. Outraged, Brooke lashes out at Quinn through the phone. After, Quinn tells the group that Brooke has misplaced anger. Quinn thinks Ridge will be back to work before they know it. Rick says, "But you won't." He tells her he wants her and Wyatt as far away from Forrester as humanly possible.

Ally visits Liam in Malibu. They discuss Quinn having been there, and she asks what happened to his face. He explains that Wyatt punched him and adds that Hope is ending things with him as they speak. Later, Hope returns and tells Liam that Wyatt proposed, but she ended things. She's home where she belongs. They kiss.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Oliver works to cover his tracks with Ally.

A woman feels betrayed.

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