At Big Bear, Wyatt and Hope bicker about how Quinn's actions reflect on him. Hope says she influences him and she doesn't think she can be a part of it anymore. Wyatt won't lose her because of his mother. He can't believe Hope is finally making a decision and it's based on a reaction. He challenges her to look him in the eye and tell him she doesn't love him. Hope admits she doesn't want to give up what they have, but she has to. She says being with him has changed her - she justified things, like the diamond heist, she normally wouldn't have. Hope cries that she will always care about him, but she just can't do this anymore. Wyatt says she's settling. He protests, "You love me!" Hope says she does, but she can trust Liam. When she's with him, she knows exactly what she's going to get. "That's what I want. That's my future." Wyatt pleads with her to spend the night there. He doesn't understand why she wants to go back to the insecurity of being with Liam when he's completely devoted. "I love you with everything that I am, and I always will." He produces a ring. "Say yes. Be my wife."

In Malibu, Quinn warns Liam if he thinks Hope is coming back there tonight he's cuckoo crazy. Liam says Hope all but committed herself to him tonight. He adds that Quinn and Wyatt will be out of Forrester, and out of Hope's life. Quinn doubts she'll get fired, but even if she does, it won't change Hope's feelings for Wyatt. She makes fun of Liam and tells him Hope will never leave a real man to come back to a boy like him. Liam marvels that instead of worrying about Ridge, she's spending her time harassing him. He warns that her lies are finally about to bite her in the butt. Quinn hisses that this is all his fault. Liam tells her she doesn't get Hope and what she stands for. He's certain Hope is freeing herself from Wyatt right now, and then they'll be married.

At Forrester, Caroline, Rick, Maya, Carter, Pam, Ally, Charlie, and Oliver continue to discuss the situation in Abu Dhabi. Ally intones that whatever happens to Uncle Ridge, Quinn is responsible. After, Maya and Carter discuss Ridge privately. Maya asks if he noticed the way Oliver touched Ally, who is very vulnerable. She's concerned he's taking advantage of her. In the studio, Oliver reassures Ally that Ridge will be fine. Maya looks in as they kiss. Still in the office, Pam encourages Rick to fire Quinn - tonight. Rick thinks he should talk to Eric first. Pam presses the point.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope reacts to Wyatt's proposal.

Maya elects to ignore her fiance.

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