At Liam's house, Hope thanks him for waiting. He says it was well worth it. Hope takes a call and tells Liam they haven't found Ridge yet. They discuss his chances of survival. Talk turns to Quinn. Hope says they'd be married right now if it weren't for her bringing Steffy to town. She laments being taken in by her repeatedly. Hope worries about what she's put Liam through these past months. He reassures her. Hope says she has to talk to Wyatt - once Quinn sent that photo to Ridge, that was it. Liam talks about Quinn and Wyatt putting people in danger and encourages Hope to cut ties with both of them.

At Forrester, Wyatt tells Quinn that Hope left with Liam. Quinn complains about Liam cashing in on the situation with Ridge. Wyatt snaps that she handed him the winning ticket. Quinn wants to help him fix things. "I have a plan." Wyatt groans. In another office, Ally, Rick, Oliver, Pam, Maya, Caroline, Charlie and Carter discuss what happened to Ridge in Abu Dhabi. Rick updates them on the search efforts and they speculate on what might have become of him. Ally asks for clarification on why Ridge went to Abu Dhabi. Rick tells them about Quinn's selfie. Pam states that Quinn did it to get what she wants - Bill Spencer. "That woman is the devil!" In the corridor, Quinn roots through Pam's desk and steals a set of keys. She takes them to Wyatt - they're the keys to Big Bear. Quinn urges Wyatt to take Hope there for one-on-one time before she does something with Liam they'll both regret.

Quinn visits Liam at home and asks, "Where's Hope?" Liam says she'll be back. Quinn snickers that she wouldn't count on that. Liam says they're together now - for good. She accuses him of taking advantage of a family tragedy. He chuckles that Quinn lost this time, and wonders why she's not at the office cheerleading for Wyatt. Quinn says there will be a broken heart tonight, but it won't be her son's.

Wyatt calls Hope from Big Bear and asks her to come there. She is hesitant, but eventually agrees. She arrives to find a very romantic scene set. They discuss Quinn's actions. Wyatt says that was her, not him. He reminds Hope this is where it all started between them. Wyatt says he can't lose her over something he had nothing to do with; he can't let it end like this. "And you don't want it to either."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Wyatt blames his mother for the loss of Hope.

Carter lashes out at Maya for meddling in Ally and Oliver's relationship.

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