At Forrester, Hope freaks out when she realizes Wyatt punched Liam. "That's how you react? That's who you are?" Quinn says Liam was saying horrible things. Liam picks himself up and lashes out at Quinn some more. He reiterates that she needs to take responsibility - Ridge could be dead and it could be her fault. Wyatt tells Liam he may have over-reacted but he was verbally attacking his mom. Liam assures Wyatt and Quinn they are gone from Forrester Creations. Quinn accuses Liam of using this tragedy to his advantage. Liam tells her she may as well have pulled a gun out and killed Ridge Forrester. Quinn and Hope argue. Hope says Quinn clearly has a thing for Bill but he wanted to marry Brooke. Quinn coos about Brooke wanting to have a couple of ceremonies a year. Wyatt says his mother did have a point in that Brooke had a right to know everything. Hope counters that it's the shady way Quinn went about it, and now Ridge could be dead! Quinn invites Hope to blame her, but to remember Wyatt had nothing to do with it. Hope and Liam leave. Quinn assures Wyatt she won't let her mistake cost him Hope.

On the plane, Katie daydreams about Ridge. Eric assures her Ridge will be okay. They tell themselves he'll be waiting when they land in Abu Dhabi with an explanation. They land and Eric hugs Katie.

In the suite in Abu Dhabi, Brooke can't understand why they haven't found Ridge yet. The head of the search team says there's no body yet. Bill hisses that there is no body - he's alive. Brooke argues when they talk about how soon to suspend the search. The man warns about the press. Bill orders him to get back out there and find Ridge and puts more divers on the case. Katie and Eric arrive and are told there are no answers yet. Brooke assures Katie they'll find him and recounts the events that led to Ridge's fall. Katie says she needs him. Brooke hugs her. Eric intones, "Ridge will come back to us." Brooke goes for air, Eric takes a call, and Bill tells Katie, "He's going to be okay." She tells him he'd better hope so and brings up Quinn's selfie. On the beach, Brooke thinks that Ridge is out there; if he were gone she'd feel it.

In Malibu, Hope tells Liam she feels guilty since she brought Quinn and Wyatt into the company. Hope says thinking about what's happened has opened her eyes. She feels she can see what she needs for her life. "I want to be with you." They kiss.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Everyone blames Quinn.

Wyatt makes a final attempt to keep what is most important.

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