In the suite in Abu Dhabi, Bill and Justin whisper about how high the helicopter was when Ridge fell. Bill tells Justin they have to find him. They speculate about whether he swam to shore or got picked up. Brooke appears and declares that she wants to know who was flying that helicopter. Bill sends Justin to rendezvous with the search team and reassures Brooke.

On the plane, Eric and Katie discuss the situation in Abu Dhabi. Katie tells Eric she could kill Quinn for sending Ridge that photograph. Eric says Ridge was looking for a smoking gun. Katie sniffs that Quinn provided it, and her motivations are obvious - she didn't want Bill marrying Brooke and she used Ridge. Eric calls for an update - there's nothing yet. They get back to blaming Quinn and then speculate about miracles. Eric assures Katie they won't give up and she'll have her life with Ridge.

At Forrester Creations, Liam goes on to Hope about not wanting Quinn and Wyatt in her life. Whatever Quinn's next explosion is, he doesn't want Hope anywhere near it. Bickering ensues between Liam and Quinn, who insists she's not responsible for Ridge's fall. Liam feels she's directly responsible. Hope talks to Wyatt, who feels sorry about his mother's part in this - he should have deleted the selfie himself. Hope says Liam's right about Quinn being responsible. Wyatt assures her he hates what his mother did. Hope knows. Hope checks in with a tearful Brooke and urges her to pray. After, Hope worries about Ridge and the pain his family will go through. Wyatt feels terrible, but warns her not to let Liam, who thinks he's as guilty as Quinn, use this to keep them apart. Meanwhile, Quinn accuses Liam of taking advantage of this situation and milking it. They argue heatedly. Liam warns he won't stop - he'll hold her feet to the fire.

In Abu Dhabi, Brooke and Bill discuss his one-night stand with Quinn. Bill explains she showed up when he was drunk. Bill gets a call from Quinn and he hollers at her to stay the hell out of his life. Brooke tells Bill this is Quinn's fault, and then laments going up in the helicopter - she could have prevented this. Bill assures her this is all on Quinn.

At Forrester, Quinn and Liam's arguing escalates after she hangs up from Bill. Liam calls her a vile, manipulative, evil b****. Wyatt enters and punches him.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill deceives Brooke to achieve an end.

Quinn works to clean up the mess she caused.

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