In Abu Dhabi, Bill listens as Brooke tells Katie by phone that they haven't found Ridge yet. Bill reassures Brooke - they won't stop searching until they find him. Brooke steps out on the terrace and thinks about Ridge, while Bill meets with the search team in the suite. Brooke re-enters. Bill assures her they'll find Ridge, put their differences aside, and return to L.A. The head of the search team announces this has become a recovery mission, which upsets Brooke.

At Forrester, Wyatt and Liam discuss Ridge. Quinn is sure someone will find him. Liam warns she could be held responsible for the death of Ridge Forrester. Quinn and Liam argue. She insists she accidentally sent the photo. Liam sneers that she instigated this from the beginning. Wyatt complains about Liam wasting time blaming his mother. They argue about Hope. Elsewhere, Hope tries to calm a near-hysterical Katie. Caroline, Rick, and Eric arrive and Hope tells them what happened to Ridge. Eric asks if he's alright. Hope says no one can find him. Hope rejoins Liam, Wyatt, and Quinn. She says Katie's in shock. Quinn offers to help in any way she can. Liam hisses that she's done enough. Wyatt says it's not the place or the time. Liam wants Quinn to apologize. Quinn says Ridge is an adult and makes his own decisions. Liam rants about her manipulations. Wyatt tells him to stop. Liam hollers at him to wake up. In the other office, Maya and Carter have joined Katie's group. Eric tells them Ridge is a survivor, and Bill is using all his resources. Katie decides to call Brooke.

In Abu Dhabi, Brooke takes Katie's call and assures her they're not giving up. Katie says she's coming to Abu Dhabi. Brooke hangs up and tells Bill. Justin arrives. Brooke exits. Bill warns Justin, "I told you nothing. I never made that phone call, and you weren't piloting that chopper. What happened to Forrester was an accident." Justin hisses that his ass in on the line. They bicker. Justin assures Bill that Ridge couldn't have known he was flying the helicopter to pick up Brooke and Bill. Bill says he just wanted to teach Ridge a lesson - he has to know if he's alive.

At Forrester, Eric announces that he's going with Katie. They leave. Elsewhere, the confrontation between Quinn and Liam escalates. Liam says she's dangerous and has gone too far.

On the plane, Katie talks to Eric about Ridge. "I need more time with him." He reassures her.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie and Eric join the search for Ridge.

The Spencer brothers face off.

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