In Abu Dhabi, Ridge realizes Justin is flying the helicopter right before he falls out. Brooke screams. Bill tells Justin to bring Brooke back. Once Brooke is on land, Bill sends Justin to go get Ridge. Back in the suite, Bill orders a search as Brooke rants about how far Ridge fell and how hard he hit. A man assures her every effort is being made to locate the body. She hisses, "Do not call him 'the body'! His name is Ridge."

At Forrester, Katie calls Ridge and gets his voicemail. Eric appears and they disuss whether Ridge will get there in time. Eric presents Katie with a wedding dress. She's moved. Eric says he's on board with her marrying Ridge. They embrace. Elsewhere, Liam and Hope discuss Brooke's wedding. Hope tells him Ridge went to stop it. Liam asks what happened. Hope replies, "Quinn." Liam admits he knew Bill and Quinn got together. Hope questions him for not saying anything. Liam says it was when Brooke was with Ridge. Hope tells him about the selfie. Liam muses that Quinn knows how to hit with maximum damage. He wonders how much more wrong Quinn needs to be before Hope throws her and Wyatt out of her life. In another office, Wyatt reads Quinn the riot act. Quinn thinks she's helping Brooke out, but Wyatt insists no one will be happy with her. He worries about losing Hope or getting fired. Quinn doesn't think anyone will hold him responsible and yells that no one will get hurt. Liam appears. He agrees with Wyatt - if someone gets hurt it's on Quinn; this is all about her getting what she wants. Hope questions Quinn about whether she orchestrated this on purpose. Quinn insists she never intended for anyone to see the selfie, but Liam says it's a lie. He wants Hope to see the ditch Quinn and Wyatt. Wyatt protests that he came to Hope as soon as he found out and doesn't condone this. Hope tells Liam that's true. Quinn thinks it's all good - Brooke is getting relevant information before making a life commitment. Hope says it was manipulative. Liam gets a call from Bill, who tells him about Ridge. Liam relays the news.

In Abu Dhabi, Bill reassures Brooke that Ridge will be okay. Brooke decides to call Katie.

Hope finds Katie at Forrester just as Brooke calls and tells her the whole story about Ridge. Katie yells, "Is Ridge okay?"

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Quinn defends her actions.

Relationships are tested by the news about Ridge.

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