In Abu Dhabi, Bill beams as Brooke appears for their beach wedding in the floaty white gown he picked out for her. She makes her way toward him, smiling, and joins him under the canopy on the sand. The ceremony begins. They are told the sword around Bill's neck bodes well for their marriage in that culture. Bill says his vows. He tells Brooke together they will rise to glorious heights. He could lose everything and still be happy because he has her. Brooke says her vows. She talks about the adventure that will be the rest of their lives together. She mentions commitment, loyalty, trust, faith, and honesty. They are given the rings to exchange.

On the Forrester jet, Ridge is impatient to land in Abu Dhabi. He looks at Quinn's selfie on his phone. When they land, Ridge tells the pilot to be sure to put Brooke on the manifest - he's not leaving without her. Ridge checks in with Katie and gets in a cab. He's dropped in a parking lot, but his helicopter isn't waiting. He phones for the helicopter to meet him at his hotel and starts running. He gets in a motorboat, slices through the water, and rolls up on a beach near a camel. Next he runs up the steps of a palatial building and through the grounds. Ridge spots Bill and Brooke on the beach as she's about to put the ring on Bill's finger. He shouts, "Logan!"

At Forrester Creations, Wyatt and Quinn continue to argue about her trying to stop Bill's wedding through Ridge. Wyatt points out that Bill will be furious, Brooke will despise her, he could lose Hope, and they could be fired. Quinn tries to explain her complicated feelings for Bill. Wyatt says he makes her act crazy. Quinn says Ridge is the only one with a chance to stop the wedding. Wyatt goes to Hope's office and tells her Ridge is on the way to stop Brooke's wedding. Hope wants to warn her. Wyatt says it could be too late. Hope doesn't understand what made Ridge go. Meanwhile, Katie arrives and finds Quinn. "I know what you did." She wonders if she was setting Bill up because she despises him. Quinn says she wants him to be happy, but that won't happen with Brooke. Katie knows this - her fiance is halfway around the world because of her. Katie warns Quinn that Bill will never forgive her. Quinn muses that you never know what could happen. She's confident Ridge will stop the wedding. "He has to."

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

A Spencer makes an admission of guilt.

Katie's happy future comes to a halt.

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