At Brooke's house, Quinn tells Bill that he needs to support Wyatt. Bill wants to remain neutral. Quinn says Wyatt needs things from him and she's going to make sure he gets them. Bill warns that she needs to get out of there before Brooke gets back. Quinn grins - she'd help him explain. Bill bets she would... Quinn says she'll keep their mind-blowing sex a secret as long as he gives Wyatt his name. Bill will think about it. Quinn insists he help Wyatt hold onto Hope - she just wants him to be happy. Bill agrees he's an exceptional young man. Quinn reiterates that she'll see he gets everything he needs.

At Forrester, Hope tells Brooke that she is dating both Liam and Wyatt...for now. She plans to make a decision soon. "I have to take control of my life, and that has to start right now."

At Spencer Publications, Liam is on the phone about the animal rights story he's working on. Wyatt arrives to set the record straight. "Hope belongs with me." Liam tells him not to count on it. They bicker about Liam forcing the issue. Wyatt warns that he and Hope will be together at the end of all this. Later, Liam greets Bob Barker and thanks him for agreeing to be interviewed about animal rights. Bob Barker talks to Liam about pet overpopulation and how people should have their pet spayed or neutered. Liam says he's going to see the animal care center and invites Bob to come on down. Liam calls Hope.

At the Forrester mansion, Ally calls Oliver and says she wishes they didn't have to sneak around. He says they'll talk when she gets to work.

In the Forrester photo studio, Oliver hangs up from Ally. Othello is there and chuckles. "What are you up to?" After, Oliver gets a text from Ally about her lunch - a salad. Later, Ally arrives at Forrester and chats with Caroline outside. Ally wants her to swear not to say anything about her and Oliver dating. Caroline sees nothing wrong with taking it slow. In the studio, Oliver complains to Othello about Ridge wanting to shut him down. Othello thinks that explains his interest in Ally. They talk about the Forrester lifestyle. Oliver goes outside to meet Ally and suggests they borrow Wyatt's trailer to go up the coast for a couple of days. She wants to go. In an office, Wyatt finds Quinn and they discuss his visit with Liam. She tells him Liam's not the man for Hope. "You are."

Brooke arrives back in her bedroom and tells Bill he looks good there. They kiss and talk about being together. Brooke loves that she's the only woman in his life.

Hope meets Liam at the animal shelter and he says she won't believe what goes on there.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke struggles with her conscience in regard to making a move at Spencer Publications.

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