At Liam's house, he asks Hope how it went with Wyatt. She says he wasn't counting on this, but it's what she needs to do. Hope thinks Wyatt knows that it's not a step backwards. Liam says she needs to figure out which one of them to marry and start a family with. He offers to buy an RV. Hope laughs that it's not a competition. She tells Liam that she thinks Wyatt's hurting a lot more than he let on last night. Hope says she won't draw out the decision. Liam is sure it will turn out with them together.

At home, Wyatt flashes to good times with Hope and then hears her voice saying she's in love with two men. Quinn arrives. She immediately knows something's wrong. Wyatt tells her she was right - Liam got inside her head. Quinn thinks maybe Hope doesn't deserve her son. Wyatt orders her not to say that again. They bicker about Hope's motives for doing this. Quinn is concerned about what it means for him and for them. She decides that Bill spoiled Liam and should be there for Wyatt as well. She tells him he is the true Spencer brother by far and will have everything he deserves.

Brooke wakes up in her bedroom to Bill playing stallion sounds on a cellphone in her ear. They kiss and talk about being together forever. Bill decides to bring her breakfast in bed. Once alone, Brooke looks at the documents Katie signed and narrows her eyes. Bill returns and they talk about why he's not going to the office. Brooke wishes Katie would come to her senses. Bill says there's another way to go at this - he thinks it's time. He says he'll start his own business. Brooke says that won't solve his custody issue and that Spencer Publications is in his DNA. Brooke talks about what a good father is, and how he's committed to her like Ridge never could. "There's nobody else." Bill flashes to sex with Quinn. Later, Quinn shows up after watching Brooke drive off. She rants about the Wyatt and Hope situation. She demands Bill step up. Bill says Wyatt doesn't need his mommy fighting his battles. Quinn is intent on securing Wyatt's happiness. She tells him to stop propping up Liam and support Wyatt and Hope. "Don't let Wyatt down."

At Forrester, Hope gets a text from Liam asking if she's decided yet. She flashes to them in Italy. Then she gets a photo from Wyatt. She flashes to their road trip. Hope sighs.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

"The Price Is Right's" Bob Barker appears, joining Hope and Liam at a Los Angeles animal shelter.

Oliver tells a friend about his plans for romancing Ally.

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