In the Forrester studio, Oliver tells Ally that Taylor can't do anything to hurt her now. Ally knows he's thinking she should just get over it. She says Taylor never paid for what she did - she and her father did. Ally talks about Taylor swooping in to take advantage of her father back then. Oliver feels Ally shouldn't have a care in the world. He lists her good qualities. Ally knows she can trust him. They discuss whether to keep their relationship quiet. Oliver thinks they'd be judged and tells her she doesn't need anyone's approval. They kiss. Oliver says secrets can be fun. Ally confirms that he's her boyfriend, and then goes. After, Oliver exhales.

In Paris, Taylor laughs to Thorne that people are going to talk about him always coming in late. Thorne thinks they must be wondering why he's always smiling. They talk about him asking her to dinner and how it's turned into something wonderful. Taylor goes on about Thorne's new energy. He muses that a lot of things are going his way. She asks about him never blaming her for Darla's death. He says it was an accident. They discuss Ally's anger. Thorne says she's still angry about a lot of things. Taylor thinks it's good to keep their closeness quiet. Thorne worries that Ally still has issues. Taylor says he's a good father.

In Malibu, Liam tells Hope this is a step in the right direction - she's in his arms again. Hope acts distracted. Liam asks that when she's with him, she should just be with him. Hope needs to talk to Wyatt. Later, Liam looks at photos of Hope and smiles.

At home, Wyatt thinks about Hope being with Liam and the proposal to date both of them. Hope arrives and says she was at Liam's. He's only interested in what happens there. He kisses her. Hope tells him she decided to give Liam equal time. She understands if he can't be a part of it. When Wyatt realizes she won't sleep with him anymore he chuckles that his brother is a genius. Hope asks again if he can do this. He kisses her in response. Wyatt thinks he's what she needs. Hope doesn't like doing this, but she's in love with two men. Wyatt's happy she loves him. He asks her to stay the night. She reminds him they can't sleep together. He says there's still a lot of fun they can have. Hope says she needs some time. Wyatt says she'll have time then, but what she needs is him.

B&B Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Quinn visits Bill and makes demands.

Hope thinks about her special times with Wyatt and Liam.

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