In Malibu, Liam smiles and takes a deep breath after hearing the knock on the door. He opens it and Hope comes in. She admires his preparations, but lets him know she's not a fan of ultimatums. He counters that it was a choice - he had to do it. Liam calls the night a new beginning. He proposes a toast and says it's been too long. He serves dinner and says he called their favorite restaurant in Italy for the recipe. Liam says the pregnancy scare propelled him into action and now he knows she feels the same way he does. He's excited that they're dating. She reminds him they're not exclusive. Liam proposes equal time and nothing more than dating - no more pregnancy scares. Hope agrees. They kiss.

At Forrester, Carter assures Maya that Oliver won't hurt Ally. Maya plays the recording again and argues the point. Carter says it was guy talk, that's all. Maya grudgingly admits she seems happier these days, but she's still concerned about what will happen if he hurts her. She thinks there is stuff inside of her they don't know about. In the studio, Oliver tells Ally he can't stop thinking about her either and they kiss. She stops and he asks if she's okay. Ally admits she's thinking about her mother. She says she's gone because of that woman - Taylor. She tells Oliver about going through therapy and being bullied in school. She says her dad supported her - he's great, as long as he stays away from that woman. "I hate her." Oliver reassures her - Taylor is out of her life. She reiterates that Taylor needs to stay away from her and her father. In another office, Quinn grills Wyatt about Hope going to Liam's house. She wonders what he's doing. Wyatt says he's trusting Hope. Quinn feels that's very sweet, but she has a soft spot for Liam. Wyatt snaps that it's bothering him - he doesn't want to lose her. After, he looks at a photo of him and Hope and thinks.

In an unknown location, two people kiss, silhouetted behind a blue curtain. They undress and make love. It's Thorne and Taylor.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Oliver wants Ally to keep a secret.

Quinn goes to see Bill and loudly declares her desire.

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