At Forrester Creations, Hope tries to explain to Wyatt how the pregnancy scare affected Liam. He wants to be clear about the ultimatum - if she shows up for dinner, she's officially dating both of them. Hope confirms it. Wyatt's frustrated. He asks what she'll do. She doesn't know. Wyatt tells her if she keeps looking back to the past, she'll miss the future, which is right in front of her. He urges her to go tell Liam she's committed to him. They kiss. In the boardroom, Caroline and Brooke talk to Ally about the bedroom line. Ally was flattered by Oliver suggesting she could model it. Maya walks out to the corridor. Carter follows - he realizes she's still concerned about Oliver's recording. Once alone in the office, Caroline grills Ally, who tells her she has a secret - she had her first kiss and thinks she may have a boyfriend. She confesses it's Oliver. "He's everything." Caroline is happy, but warns her to be careful not to lose herself in it. Meanwhile, Maya finds Oliver in the studio and asks him about easing Ally past her comfort zone. He insists she's special. Maya pleads with him not to take advantage of her. Oliver admits dating a Forrester strengthens his position, but insists he genuinely likes Ally. Outside, Quinn tries to talk to a distracted Wyatt, who tells her Liam is demanding equal time with Hope. He shares the details of the ultimatum. Quinn is appalled. She asks if he'll go set Liam straight, or should she? Brooke is with Hope in her office and they discuss Hope's dilemma. She's not comfortable with dating two brothers, or prepared to call it off with Wyatt. She's also not sure she's ready for Liam to move on for good. Brooke offers to tell Liam to back off, but Hope declines. Brooke advises her to follow her instincts. Later, Maya and Carter talk in an office about Oliver. She says she believes he likes Ally, but worries about her innocence. She doesn't have a good feeling about it. Ally meets Oliver in the studio and he shows her the video from the pool. Ally says she can't stop thinking about him. They kiss.

At the Malibu house, Liam opens wine and chops vegetables. Later, he lights candles and flashes to being with Hope in Italy. There's a knock on the door...

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope makes her decision about Liam's ultimatum.

Two people get passionate in a setting meant for romance.

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