At Forrester Creations, Quinn listens unseen as Hope and Brooke discuss Liam and Wyatt. Quinn takes off as Rick arrives. Hope and Brooke greet him, and then Hope leaves. Rick tells Brooke he saw an unhappy looking Quinn and asks what's going on. Brooke says Hope is fine. Talk turns to Ridge, and Katie not liking the working arrangements there. Brooke is concerned about what she's doing to Bill as well. She swears Rick to secrecy and talks about the situation at Spencer Publications. She tells him she has the power to bring Bill back as CEO. She says Katie has to be stopped. In another office, Wyatt tells Liam that Hope is his past and he's fooling himself if he thinks the almost-pregnancy changed that. Liam finds Pam with a puppy from the shelter in the corridor. They discuss what he's been doing to help animals. Pam tells him Hope will be in the photo studio later - she's on his side. Quinn finds Wyatt in the office and warns him what Liam is doing is working. She warns him not to become complacent; she doesn't want him to lose Hope. She thinks he'd be more worried if he knew what Hope said to Brooke about Liam. She then asks if he wants to be a Spencer. Wyatt wonders why she's bringing it up and just wants her to stop worrying. In the studio, Hope teases Liam about kidnapping her. He says he had to do something and still does - that's why he's there. Hope says she can't give him what he wants if it means walking away from Wyatt. Liam thinks she sees herself raising a family with him, not Wyatt. He asks if she'd consider dating them both. "Give me equal time." He invites her to dinner tomorrow night at his place - if she doesn't come, he'll move on for good.

Oliver and Ally make out in the Forrester mansion pool. They go up to her room to be alone and Oliver kisses her neck. They talk about her Hope For The Future decor. Oliver says he respects the message. They check out the underwater shoot and he says she looks fantastic. They kiss some more. Oliver spots a VHS tape of Darla and they talk about her death. Ally says her mom would be alive today if not for Taylor drinking and driving. She mentions she still talks to her mother, and opens up about when she was young. Ally tells Oliver he makes her feel like a woman. They kiss.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope tells Wyatt about Liam's ultimatum.

Oliver and Ally flirt at a board meeting.

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