Hope finds Brooke at Forrester Creations and tells her about her pregnancy scare. Brooke cautions her to be very careful about contraception. They talk about Liam kidnapping her. Hope admits she's not ready for a future where Liam is gone. Hope sometimes wishes she'd met Wyatt first. Brooke observes that she's happy and carefree with Wyatt and it's always so cautious with Liam. She tells Hope it's up to her. In another office, Wyatt tells Quinn that Hope thought she might be pregnant. He says he was terrified, and then disappointed when she found out she wasn't. Quinn asks if he proposed. Wyatt muses that you don't just ask that question unless you know she'll say yes. Quinn wonders if he'd like her to talk to Hope - sound her out. Wyatt tells her no repeatedly. Quinn confesses that she visited Liam and may have physically assaulted him. Wyatt is appalled. Liam appears, and asks Wyatt if he's okay with this. Wyatt tells Quinn he'll look after the physically assaulting from now on. They argue until Wyatt asks Quinn to leave. Liam warns Wyatt that he just scared Hope into remembering she loves him. Wyatt says she just doesn't want to hurt Liam. Liam thinks he's deluded. Wyatt tells Liam he's like year-old gum stuck to her shoe. Liam says he wants equal time and warns the decision won't be up to Wyatt. In the studio, Carter admits to Maya that Oliver doesn't come off well on the recording, but neither does she. He feels it's not their business. They bicker. He wonders at the reasons for her concern, and lets Maya know he noticed Oliver noticing her. He thinks Oliver colored his comments because he was talking to her. Later, Quinn eavesdrops on Brooke and Hope as Hope tells her mother she loves Wyatt, but when she thinks about marriage and children, she thinks about Liam. Quinn looks panicked as Brooke asks Hope if she'll break up with Wyatt.

At the Forrester mansion pool, Ally invites Oliver to stay. He takes a selfie of them and kisses her. They hit the pool and shoot film of each other doing weird things underwater. After, they make-out and take more selfies. Oliver thinks Ridge would be impressed by the underwater shoot. Ally assures him he won't be fired.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke opens up to Rick about her plans to get Bill back in at Spencer Publications.

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