At the outdoor cafe, Brooke works on Karen to try to get her to let Bill return as CEO and run Spencer Publications. Karen remarks on Brooke being willing to fight for Bill despite what it would do to her sister. Brooke soothes that Karen had the right intentions with Katie, but it's simply not fair to Bill. Karen thinks personal issues shouldn't affect business. Bill questions why he's not in his office then. He wants Karen's support like he gave her his. Karen says Brooke is good for Bill, and she appreciates Bill's support, but she's going to stay with Katie. After, Brooke flashes to the papers Katie signed before. She pulls them from her purse while Bill is paying.

At Spencer Publications Justin complains to Katie about not being allowed into her inner circle. She points out he's loyal to Bill. Justin says being ousted from the company is killing Bill. "Have a heart. I know yours is borrowed, but you can still use it." Katie is outraged at his words. Justin wishes they could all get over this animosity. Katie agrees, but says she'd have to be insane to give him more responsibility. She informs him she will never trust him again after he drew up those papers for Bill. She's just thankful Brooke destroyed them.

In the Forrester studio, Carter kisses Maya, but she's distracted. She admits she can't stop worrying about Oliver and Ally. He tells her not to fret too much. Oliver appears. He wonders if Maya dislikes his latest shoot. She gasps, "What? No." Carter leaves. Oliver is in knots about the need to impress Ridge. He says anything can happen if your name isn't Forrester or Logan. Maya records him saying he thinks she's set for life because she's engaged to Marcus' brother and he wishes he could say the same. Maya accuses him of using Ally because of her family connections. Oliver shrugs. He needs to hold onto this job and if that means dating the Forrester redhead for a while, that's fine. They discuss the business. Oliver says he'll put up with Ally to be part of it. Maya confirms he's just using Ally and warns it could end badly. Oliver isn't concerned. Maya has recorded the whole conversation. Later, Carter returns and Maya tells him to close the door. She plays him the recording.

In Ally's room, she sighs, hugs her diary, and flashes to Oliver kissing her. The floating head of Darla appears and together they enthuse over Oliver. "He really likes you." Darla assures Ally she'll be there every step of the way, but she doesn't think she'll need her help. Later, Ally is by the pool when Oliver arrives. She's mortified to be caught in her swimsuit, but he tells her she's beautiful. He takes off his shirt and kisses her.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Quinn continues her meddling on Wyatt's behalf.

Romance begins between Oliver and Ally in the Forrester pool.

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