In Malibu, Liam tells Hope they're at a crossroads with a chance to make things right. He kisses her. Hope pushes away and asks if he's crazy. He just stole Wyatt's truck and trailer. Liam says he had to get her alone. He asks Hope to come back to him.

At Forrester, Wyatt complains to Quinn that Liam stole his truck, his trailer, and his girlfriend. She urges him to take a stand. Wyatt says, "Let's go!" In another office, Brooke tells Donna she's back with Bill. She adds that Katie is with Ridge and is on a power trip. They talk about Katie having Karen on her side at Spencer - they're a team. Brooke muses that Karen has issues with her brother, but they may be able to work them out. She tells Donna she has to go.

In Katie's office at Spencer Publications, Justin, Karen and a few others meet about the company report. Karen says the situation isn't good. Katie says they're in transition. Justin grumbles, "From profit to loss." Karen says the numbers are unacceptable. Katie has some projections for the future showing things will improve after the next two quarters. Justin is dubious. Karen wants to get back on track. Katie insists they will. After, Karen and Katie discuss Bill being with Brooke and Katie being with Ridge, and their difficult relationships with their siblings. Later, Karen gets a call from Brooke, who wants to meet for lunch.

In the car, Wyatt tells Quinn she is just to drop him off at Liam's house - he and Hope will take the truck home. She warns him not to underestimate his brother.

At Liam's house, he tells Hope the pregnancy thing scared him to his core - he knows it scared her too. She agrees, and says Liam is special, but she's dating Wyatt now. Liam asks her not to close the book on them when they have so much more story to tell. Wyatt arrives. He tells Liam to get his hands off Hope and give him the keys to his truck - now. Liam tells Hope this is her home. Hope says she's sorry and leaves with Wyatt. After, Quinn storms in. Liam warns her Wyatt will never end up with Hope. She lifts her hand to strike him and he grabs it.

At the outdoor cafe, Brooke complains to Karen that Katie's on a power trip. Karen muses about the sisters butting heads over men. Brooke asks if she's happy with Katie's performance at Spencer. Karen admits there have been hiccups. Brooke urges her to fire Katie and hire Bill back as CEO.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke wants to help Bill get his company back.

Donna ends up in the middle of Katie and Brooke's feud.

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