At the outdoor cafe, Bill recalls Katie and Karen taking his company from him. Justin arrives and tells Bill he'll be happy when he see what's in the folder he brought. Bill talks about wanting equal custody of his son and control of his company back. He muses that Katie's distracted these days by Ridge. Justin wonders if Bill really wants to put Brooke in the middle of a battle with her sister. Bill says their relationship is different now. Justin muses about Ridge being pretty comfortable in Katie's office these days.

At Forrester, Brooke is upset that Katie confronted Eric about her working with Ridge. Katie says she had a right to state her opinion. She wonders if Brooke has told Eric that Bill's back in her bed. Brooke snaps that this is a place of business. Katie counters that it's a business she hasn't been involved in for a long time - it's pretty obvious why she's back. Brooke insists she's there to protect her children. Katie says Taylor did the same thing and she was all over her for it. Brooke defends herself and asks, "Who are you, Katie?" They debate about Ridge being attracted to Katie, and about Katie taking over Bill's company. Katie reminds Brooke how angry she was at Bill for the papers he drew up. They argue about Brooke's history of 'mistakes'. Brooke says everyone deserves forgiveness. Katie says her lifestyle finally caught up to her. She tells her to enjoy Bill. "You two are two of a kind." Katie says she and Ridge want a simpler life free of drama.

Hope calls Wyatt from the trailer behind the truck. He wants to know where Liam's taking her. He instructs her to call when they stop and he'll come and get her. She hangs up and Liam stops. Hope realizes they took a back way to Liam's house. Liam apologizes for doing it this way, but they need some time. He invites her inside; they have a lot to figure out.

In Hope's office, Quinn finds Wyatt pacing. He tells her Liam stole his truck and kidnapped Hope. Quinn reassures him. Wyatt takes a call from Hope, who says she's at Liam's but tells him to stay put - Liam needs this time and she does too. Wyatt relays the news to Quinn, who urges him to get out to Malibu.

In the Malibu house, Liam tells Hope, "I almost lost you today; we almost lost each other forever." Hope admits it scared her. She can't imagine closing the door on Liam for good, but she can't imagine losing Wyatt either. Liam feels she doesn't love Wyatt like they loved each other. He kisses her. "Come home to me."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Karen returns for a board meeting at Spencer Publications.

Quinn lets Liam know how she feels about what he did to Wyatt.

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