At Forrester, Hope tells Wyatt she got a pregnancy test. "Our lives might be changing soon." Wyatt wraps his mind around it and assures her she wouldn't be alone. Hope knows. She says he'd be a great dad. Wyatt marvels that they might be parents soon. Hope starts to fret about her message...and Ally; Ally is going to flip out. Wyatt soothes that her message was about girls making the right choice for themselves. Hope always pictured herself being married first. He holds her and assures her they will put a positive spin on it for her fans, who will go on the adventure with them. "I love you."

Outside the Malibu house, Liam looks at Hope's receipt for a pregnancy test. "No, she can't be." He leaves her a phone message that he needs to see her, and then calls Forrester. Pam divulges that Hope is there. He hangs up. Inside, Bill wonders if Quinn plans to blackmail him. He says he's not a genie and doesn't grant wishes. She thinks he'll grant this one. He warns he'll tell Brooke himself. Quinn doesn't think so. Bill asks what she wants. She asks him to make Wyatt a Spencer. She reflects on how she once was determined to keep Wyatt away from him, but today he's not the father he would have been back then. "Give our son your name." Bill muses that he likes them getting along like this - he believes her offer is sincere. He says he'll consider making it official with Wyatt. Quinn offers him one more romp, but he passes. Quinn says she'll miss him, and his little sword.

At Brooke's house, she and Rick talk about him and Caroline are going to the fashion show in Genoa City. Brooke tells him she's back with Bill. Rick wonders if it's a ploy to make Ridge jealous. Brooke insists it's not and thanks him for understanding. Rick says Bill's proven his commitment to her in ways Ridge never has. "You made the right decision." Later, Bill arrives with his bags. Brooke squeals. He says Liam approves and Hope was mature about the idea. Brooke says Rick is supportive too. Bill says everyone is aboard the B&B train. He makes a stallion noise. Brooke enthuses, "Yee haw!" They kiss. Bill makes a heartfelt speech and says he's home. They kiss again.

Liam arrives at Forrester and bursts in on Hope and Wyatt. "What did the test say? Are you pregnant?" Wyatt wants him to leave. Hope says this is between her and Wyatt. Liam insists it affects him too. Hope says they can wait while she does the test. Wyatt asks what Liam is doing there anyway. Liam says he found a receipt. They bicker. Hope returns.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope shares good news with Wyatt and Liam.

Katie confronts Eric about his plan for Ridge and Brooke to reconcile.

Liam takes extreme measures to get his message to Hope.

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