At the Malibu house, Liam is glad that Hope didn't totally shoot him down. He notes she's distracted and asks if something happened with her and Wyatt. She says they're not having any problems. Bill sweeps in. Liam congratulates him on winning Brooke back. Bill asks why Hope is there. Hope asks where Brooke is at. He says she's probably looking to spread the good news - the first person she told was Katie. Bill knows he's not Hope's favorite person, but the fact that his feelings for her mother never wavered must count for something. She says it does. Liam walks her out. After, Liam tells Bill that Hope wasn't acting like herself. Bill jokes that he and Brooke might have kept her up last night. He makes sure Liam knows not to mention Quinn's visit. Liam is appalled to know he shoved her in the closet the other day. They bicker about Bill keeping the secret. Liam thinks it could bite him if Quinn threatens to tell Brooke. Bill says he's making a problem out of nothing.

At Forrester, Quinn and Wyatt chat about how happy Hope makes him. They discuss Bill. She muses that she may have underestimated his interest in Brooke. Quinn insists she's not lonely but jokes about hanging out with him at the beach. Wyatt grills Quinn about her feelings for Bill. She insists she doesn't need a man to feel excited about her life. She adds that Bill would probably get in the way since he's used to being fawned over, and she's not like that. Quinn gets a call from Bill. She tells Wyatt that he wants her to meet him at Liam's. Later, Hope joins Wyatt. He says she seems distracted. Hope tells him she's late - she thinks she might be pregnant.

At the Malibu house, Liam reminds Bill of Quinn's past crazy actions just before she arrives. She wonders if Bill wants to talk in the bedroom. Liam exits hastily. Bill tells her he and Brooke got back together last night and he's moving in. He reminds her of their deal to keep quiet. Liam checks in before leaving for work. Quinn says she won't tell Brooke, but it's a really big favor. She wants two things in return. The first is a kiss. Outside, Liam finds a paper Hope dropped from her purse.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Wyatt, Hope, and Liam wait for life-changing news.

Quinn gives Bill her demands.

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