At the Malibu house, Liam is doing a search on Quinn when Hope arrives. She says she thinks Bill stayed with Brooke last night. Liam is surprised, but kind of happy for Bill. She notices his search on Quinn. They chat and Liam tells Hope he's trying to find a way to love her from afar. They talk about what she'll do if Bill moves in with Brooke. Liam muses that Wyatt will keep asking her to move in. Hope says their relationship has nothing to do with him. Liam warns her he won't be the nice guy who finishes last. He kisses her. Hope says she hasn't forgotten what they meant to each other, but their choices took them in different directions. Liam says he's chosen her.

Brooke and Bill finish making love in her bedroom. He makes stallion noises and she laughs hysterically. Brooke gets coffee and Bill talks about living anywhere she likes. Brooke suggests he move in there, with her and her kids. They kiss. Bill talks about climbing his way back to the top. Brooke kisses him.

Ridge and Katie have coffee at her place. She notes he was up in the night. They discuss Brooke's call the night before. Ridge says she wanted to upset him. He tells Katie she has greater power over him than Brooke does. Ridge complains he doesn't want Bill around RJ. Katie suggests Ridge and RJ move in there. They kiss.

Katie arrives at Brooke's house and asks if she was drunk when she called last night. She tells Brooke that this reunion with Bill is clearly about payback. Brooke sneers at her trying to make her feel bad. They argue. Katie wonders which one will stray first - Brooke or Bill. Brooke asks why she's so angry.

At Forrester, Bill tells Ridge he's in his debt - he's no longer runner-up since Ridge snubbed the prize and went for the some-assembly-required model. Bill tells him to enjoy his life with Katie, it's exactly what he deserves. Ridge smirks that if he had said he was coming over last night, Brooke would have kicked Bill out. Bill warns him about Katie's downfalls. Ridge says, "You make my skin crawl." Bill says she'll always be his Katie and Ridge should thank him for providing the operating manual. Bill winks. "There's a sucker born every minute."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam questions Hope about what is bothering her.

Bill learns there is more to his deal with Quinn than he assumed.

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