In their bedroom at home, Ridge tells Katie no one can touch what they have together. They drink wine and Ridge warns Katie it's only a matter of time before the media zeroes in on them. Katie says she can get through anything with him. They talk about him working with Brooke and Eric's manipulating. Katie thinks Brooke will try to get him back. Ridge doesn't care. They start playing under the sheets. Later, they talk about being strong in stressful times. Ridge says he doesn't doubt her for a minute.

Bill enters Brooke's bedroom and declares he wants her back. He brushes her hair as she talks about the eventful day at Forrester Creations. Bill is furious that Eric appointed her and Ridge as co-vice presidents. He rants about Ridge kicking her to the curb yet again. He can't imagine why she'd want to work with him, and announces he's not putting up with this crap any longer. Brooke says she needs to be at Forrester to protect her children. Bill thinks that's an excuse to be around Ridge. He reiterates that he's fed up. Brooke insists she didn't lie about loving him. Bill tells her to act like it then. "It's time." Brooke says she wants him. They kiss passionately and fall onto the bed. After sex, Brooke calls Katie to inform her that she and Bill are together now - permanently. She hangs up and smiles knowingly.

At Katie's house, Ridge can't believe Brooke is back with Bill - he doesn't want him around RJ. Katie says they'll get through it together.

In Ally's bedroom at the Forrester mansion, she leaps up from the bed where Oliver's been kissing her and seems to hyperventilate. Oliver asks if she's okay. She gasps that she's better than okay. Oliver realizes she'd never been kissed before. He tells her she's got a lot of catching up to do and kisses her again. After, he tells her she's a breath of fresh air. Pam knocks. Ally hisses at Oliver to hide in the closet. She opens the door to find Pam in a medieval costume saying they have to go. Ally stops her from opening the closet. Pam enthuses about the Medieval Night event they're supposed to attend. "We have turkey legs to eat!" Ally gets rid of her and Oliver emerges. He tells Ally to enjoy those turkey legs, kisses her, and leaves. Ally beams.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam kisses Hope.

Bill and Ridge face-off.

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