At Forrester Creations, Ridge marvels at Eric's offer to make him CEO if he goes back to Brooke. He clucks that Brooke really did a number on him. Eric says he's doing this for the good of his family. He feels he's doing this because he's angry at Brooke. Ridge says his feelings for Katie have nothing to do with Brooke. Eric tells him to act like a CEO. Ridge says his personal life should have nothing to do with it. He loves Katie and won't leave her - not even for the company. In Rick's office, Katie tells Brooke that she and Ridge are committed to one another and in love. Katie accuses Brooke of manipulating to get into a working relationship with Ridge. Brooke says she's not flirting with Ridge - she's fighting him. Katie isn't buying it. She thinks Brooke is at the company for Ridge. Katie reiterates that Ridge is with her now and leaves. Later, Eric meets with Brooke to urge her to work out her differences with Ridge. He tells her about the offer Ridge refused. Eric thinks Ridge will come to his senses - deep down he knows Katie isn't the woman for him.

At Bikini Bar, Oliver holds Ally's hand. She gazes into his eyes and tells him nervously that the ice was nice. She announces that she has to go. Maya watches the whole thing unfold from across the room as Carter sighs. When he leaves for the office, Maya joins Oliver. She questions him about what's up with him and Ally. Oliver says she is shy and cute. Maya points out that she has issues. She wonders about his intentions. "You like her don't you?" Oliver wonders if Maya's jealous. She warns him to be careful and not to hurt her.

At home, Ally sits on her bed, grinning, and flashes to Oliver kissing her hand. Darla's ghost appears. "He's a nice guy, honey." Ally worries he'll think she's weird for leaving. "He kissed me, Mom." Darla assures her that means something. Later, Oliver arrives with her sunglasses she forgot at Bikini. He marvels at her Hope-themed bedroom. He shows her his hope tattoo. She loves it. Ally stammers that she's never had a guy in her room. He likes her room - it shows she's loyal and committed. "You're a really good person." Oliver credits her for helping get his job back. He thinks Ridge will try to fire him again. She won't let it happen. Oliver raves about her take no prisoners personality. Ally looks down shyly. Oliver says she's good for the company, and for him. He kisses her...and then again.

Ridge arrives at home to find Katie waiting in lingerie. She asks about his talk with Eric. He says it was a waste of time. She admits she had an awful conversation with Brooke. Ridge tells her about Eric's offer. She muses that it's everything he wants. Ridge says he loves her and already has what he wants. They kiss and fall onto the bed.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill and Brooke share a passionate reunion.

Katie receives grim news from Brooke.

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