At Forrester Creations, Brooke thanks Eric for taking up for Rick. Eric hated disappointing Ridge, but says Rick has proven himself. He muses about her and Ridge working closely. Brooke asks if he's playing matchmaker. Eric says she and Ridge are the future of this company. Brooke tells him she doesn't need Ridge to be happy. In Rick's office, he asks Ridge what he has to say about the hissy fit he threw, trying to take over his job. Ridge offers no apologies. Katie appears. She asks how the meeting went. Rick exits. Ridge tells Katie that 'Daddy' gave Rick his way. Katie's sorry. Ridge says Brooke got involved and wrapped Eric around her finger. He tells Katie that he and Brooke are going to be co-vice presidents. Katie is outraged. Ridge says he's going to change Eric's mind. In the studio, Maya and Ally reassure Oliver about his job security. Maya gets paged by Carter and exits. Oliver asks Ally to go for coffee. She first says she has to feed her goldfish but then agrees. Later, Ridge enters Eric's office and presses him to change his mind. "Rick can't be president. It has to be me." Eric reminds him he left. He brings up Katie. He says Ridge Forrester shacking up with Bill Spencer's ex-wife is problematic. Eric rants about what they're putting the kids through and accuses him of punishing Brooke. Ridge won't deny his feelings. Eric snorts at him to grow up. He tells Ridge if he goes back to Brooke he'll give him the CEO position. "You want to run this company? Get your ass back to Brooke where you belong." Meanwhile, Brooke joins Rick in his office, but he gets called away. Katie appears. She accuses Brooke of working her magic on Eric to get to work with Ridge. She tells Brooke she won't get away with it. Brooke insists she won't give up her position - Ridge was trying to push Rick around. Katie complains that she'll be working with Ridge, she'll giggle, and her clothes will fall off. She knows how she operates. Katie informs Brooke that Ridge wants her now - even she can't interfere with that.

Carter and Maya talk about the crazy day over drinks. She muses about him becoming friends with Ridge. Carter notices Oliver arriving with Ally. Maya says they're just friends. Carter feels bad that Eric shut Ridge down. Maya is incredulous. At their table, Oliver grasps Ally's hand and thanks her for being supportive. She's glad it worked out. He's still worried about Ridge gunning for him. Ally says he's a bully. Ally watches as Oliver goes to get her tea. Carter catches Maya staring. She snaps about Ally being too young for him. When Oliver spills tea on Ally's hand, Maya gapes as he kisses it better.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge passes up an offer in favor of love.

Ally discusses her love life with Darla.

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