At Forrester Creations, everyone wants to know what Eric's decision will be. Bickering ensues. Ridge says he doesn't want Rick to leave, just to step aside. He asks Eric, "Who do you want to run this company?" Eric muses that this is a business decision. Eric tells Ridge he doesn't agree with his view, and that Oliver is staying as well. He tells Rick he will continue as president. Ridge will be co-vice president, with Brooke. After, Caroline and Carter discuss the outcome of the meeting. Carter admits that Ridge getting rid of Oliver was going too far. In the studio, Ally tells Oliver that Ridge shouldn't have let him go; she wouldn't have. Ally urges him not to give up; her grandfather could be reversing the decision as they speak. Oliver says if a Forrester wants him out, he's history. Oliver flashes to Ridge telling him he's fired. Ally says she's going to confront Ridge. Hope appears. She says Eric reversed Ridge's decision. "Welcome back!" Oliver is stunned. He thanks them for standing up for him. Hope goes and Ally tells Oliver she won't let him be blindsided again. He says she's a sweetheart. In the office, Ridge crabs to Eric about his decision. Rick says they don't need him riding in on his white horse. Brooke defends Rick's record. Ridge continues to argue his viewpoint. Rick thinks he's just bitter because things have flourished under his leadership. Brooke voices her support for Eric and Rick. Outside the door, Carter watches as Caroline tries to listen in. Inside, Rick announces they will stay the course. Ridge is frustrated and tuts about Rick's lack of experience. Brooke says Rick is loyal and runs the company well - and he doesn't run away when things get tough. Ridge still doesn't think Rick should be president. "If this is what mommy and daddy think will make you secure, well, enjoy it while it lasts." Once alone, Eric tells Rick he's proud of him. Rick thanks him for supporting him. They agree Brooke will make a great vice-president. In the other office, Brooke flashes to good memories of Ridge. Ridge asks Brooke if she's proud of herself. She muses that he overstepped and the administration pushed back. She adds that she told Eric about him and Katie. Brooke lays into him. "You don't deserve to be president of this company, and you won't be. Not as long as I'm here."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie is stunned to hear of Ridge and Brooke's new positions at work.

Maya sees Oliver kiss Ally and becomes upset.

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