At Katie's house, she and Ridge tell each other they're happy in bed. Ridge gets up to dress for his meeting. Katie says Brooke won't give up. Ridge assures her that Brooke is his past; she'll have to accept that. Later, Donna visits with Katie, who says she's so happy - being with Ridge has changed everything. She enthuses about how good it feels to be supported and respected. Donna's thrilled, but still finds it weird she found this with Ridge. Katie didn't want to be happy at Brooke's expense, but things are different now. They discuss RJ's reaction. "He's a good kid." Donna says they'll get through this. They hug. Katie confides that Ridge called an important meeting - not everyone will be happy.

At Forrester, Eric and Brooke discuss the situation with Ridge. She declares that she needs to learn to define herself without a man. He says she's a beautiful human being. They embrace. Brooke talks about redirecting her energy to her kids. Eric doesn't understand Ridge's actions. Brooke insists she doesn't need a man to be happy. She uses Donna as an example. In Rick's office, Hope tells him Brooke went out last night. They wonder if they should worry. Hope can't imagine how she'll get past Ridge being with Katie. Rick thinks she'll be okay. Hope decides he's right - Brooke Logan bends but she does not break. Caroline and Carter arrive saying a meeting's been called. In the studio, Oliver tells Maya there may be a problem; Ridge doesn't like any of his new Hope For The Future shots. Ridge arrives and greets Pam, who tells him everything's ready for the meeting. He asks her he wants Oliver in the meeting. Pam finds Oliver, who is fretting about his future with Maya. In the boardroom the meeting begins with Rick crowing about the success of the Hope For The Future line and of Wyatt's latest idea. Ridge complains that the company has a split personality. He says Hope's line appears to be from a different design house altogether - he wants a new campaign for Hope For The Future with a new photographer - Oliver's not cutting it. Oliver arrives. Ridge tells him they have creative differences; he's firing him. Oliver leaves, fuming. Oliver returns to the studio and tells Maya the news. She's appalled. Meanwhile, Rick is furious with Ridge. "You are not CEO." Ridge says that's the other reason he called this meeting. Rick, Caroline, Brooke, and Hope speak against Ridge taking over. Ridge tells Brooke this has nothing to do with her. Brooke asks Eric, "Who's it going to be? Ridge or our son?"

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge makes a bid to take back the president position at Forrester Creations.

Brooke tells Eric a secret.

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