In Bill's bedroom in Malibu, Brooke tells Bill she didn't like the way they left things. Bill talks to her about not feeling guilty if they got back together. Quinn listens from the closet as he tells Brooke he can't get enough of loving her. Brooke recalls when they were happy and in love. She can picture them together, raising the boys half the time, but thinks it's weird for her and Katie to switch husbands. Brooke tells Bill she loves him, but isn't ready. Bill makes it clear he'll wait and tells her she didn't lose Ridge, she outgrew him. Brooke asks for time. Bill says he'll give it to her and they kiss. Bill walks Brooke out and then returns to Quinn. He wants to know why she didn't attempt to screw things up for him. She says she doesn't want to steal him away and calls him shallow and arrogant. Bill says Brooke doesn't need to know about their little freak session. Quinn says he's got nothing to worry about from her.

Liam arrives at Forrester. Ally warns him not to joke about being a stalker. She tells him she's trying to give herself a title for the Forrester directory. He suggests, "HFTF intern." She decides he's a genius. Liam mentions he was just looking to get out of the house so Ally suggests dinner. Liam declines. He tells her when she gets a boyfriend to make sure he respects her. In the studio, Oliver snaps photos of Maya. They discuss 'being friends' and Oliver wonders why she's not married yet. She turns the conversation to him. He tells her about his past with Hope and admits it ended poorly. Maya says she never noticed any awkwardness. Oliver muses that time heals all wounds. They discuss Forrester. Oliver feels the top jobs are reserved for those with the right last name, but assures Maya he's not unhappy. Later, Ally joins Oliver. She is nervous about having her staff directory photo taken. He reassures her. She talks about not having too many friends there while he snaps away. Ally speculates on whether Oliver will have a date for the spring show. He tells her he'll be going solo, although his luck could change... After, Ally is reluctant to look at the proofs; she doesn't enjoy seeing photos of herself. She tells Oliver she feels average compared to the other women in her family. Oliver disagrees. She thanks him.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge reassures Katie, who is feeling insecure.

Someone is fired from Forrester Creations.

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