Ally watches Hope and Wyatt kiss in a Forrester office. Hope notices the door move out of the corner of her eye as Ally closes it. Elsewhere, Quinn complains to Charlie that she feels him watching her. She tells him and Pam that since Wyatt is dating Hope their position at Forrester is more secure than ever. Quinn leaves. Charlie and Pam agree that they're the last people Quinn should be antagonizing. Ally, who'd been listening, gets a chance to approach Charlie alone. She tells him Pam told her what Wyatt did. She gets Charlie ranting and he references Wyatt stealing the diamond. Ally gasps. She says he's a criminal and deserves to be punished. Meanwhile, Liam arrives at Hope's office - he has some things to say about Wyatt. Liam realizes Hope is having fun, but he says everything Wyatt does is for effect and his luck is going to run out eventually. He feels she deserves better. Hope sighs that he sounds like Ally. Hope is proud of what she and Wyatt have accomplished, and says Ally is stuck in the past. Liam insists Wyatt doesn't 'get' her like he does. He reveals a tribute to Hope in his magazine. Ally listens as Liam tells Hope she saved her line, not Wyatt. In another office, Quinn tells Wyatt she's irritated that Charlie acts like they're going to steal the petty cash. She assures Wyatt no one is going to interfere with his happiness. Wyatt is determined to prove that his idea for Stephanie's jewelry is not just a publicity stunt. Quinn agrees - there are at least three people gunning for them. Wyatt feels if they do this right, they could win those people over. He thinks Ally would like if they used the jewelry to highlight how Hope is carrying on Stephanie's example of grace and class. Quinn isn't sure - she thinks Ally is trouble. When Wyatt is alone, Liam enters and says he's spoken to Hope. Wyatt couldn't care less. They spar verbally. Liam says he and Quinn haven't come by their success honestly. He tells Wyatt his mask is slipping and it's only a matter of time before things catch up to him. At Pam's desk, Charlie gives her heck for telling Ally their secret. In Hope's office, Ally rants at Hope about Wyatt stealing the diamond. "We can't let him get away with this!" She starts dialing the police and wants Hope to report him. Hope hollers, "No! We are not going to tell anybody. You are not going to say a word."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke talks openly to Donna.

Ally and Quinn have a confrontation on the Forrester Creations bridge.

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