At Katie's house, Ridge, alone in the living room, takes a call from Brooke. She says she misses him and doesn't really understand why Hope needed her. She tells him she'll be home soon to start their life together. Ridge hangs up, and then gets a call from Hope, who reminds him again that he can't marry her mother if he's not sure. Ridge says it's complicated. Hope says he'll need to have an answer soon. After, Katie joins Ridge. He says they need to figure things out. Katie panics that they shouldn't be doing this, but Ridge doesn't want to leave.

At International, Brooke tells Ally how anxious she is to get back to Ridge - they should be married by now. They discuss Ally coming to Paris. She says she just hangs out with Thorne, and doesn't get along with people her age. She wonders about Brooke's wedding. Brooke tells her about Katie fainting. Ally says Katie must feel bad. Brooke hopes not. Brooke talks to Ally about her over-reaction in the earlier meeting. Ally warns Brooke about Wyatt. She tells her what he said about sex on the plane. Brooke reminds her Hope and Wyatt are adults in a committed relationship. She says Hope can take care of herself. Later, Brooke daydreams about Ridge.

In their hotel room, Hope tells Wyatt she's glad he's there. They talk about Wyatt's proposal regarding Stephanie's jewelry - everyone was excited and on board, except Ally. Wyatt tells Hope that Ally came back later and really let him have it. He describes how she said she'd put a stop to their relationship, tried to fire him, and slapped him. Hope gasps. Wyatt asks, "Who does that?" They agree Ally has lost it and crossed lines. Wyatt says she called him Mr. Popular. Hope giggles. They wonder whether to go out to eat and decide to stay in. They are making love in the bedroom when Ally arrives with an envelope. Hope doesn't answer the door so Ally uses a key card and walks in. She hears Hope giggling and enters the bedroom. Ally screams and shouts for them to stop!

Katie and Ridge walk in the park discussing what she did at the wedding - she feels guilty and ashamed. Ridge feels it too, but says this is about a lot more than that. Ridge asks if Bill likes the park. Katie doesn't want to talk about Bill - he's in love with Brooke. She reiterates that she doesn't want to hurt her sister. Katie says this isn't real, it can't be. Ridge suggests she forget the circumstances. Katie wonders why she is there with him and Brooke's not. He says, "Because I love you, Katie."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Thorne needs an old friend to stay quiet about a secret.

A kiss is shared by a new couple.

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