At Forrester, Eric hears a knock and Taylor enters his office. They embrace. He says, "This is a surprise." She says she got in last night and came to check on some patients. They talk about her living in Paris with her children. Eric tells her Hope and Wyatt are in Paris now, with Stephanie's jewelry collection. Taylor brings up Ridge. She's happy for him and Brooke if that's what they want. They get to talking about Ally's issues with Wyatt. Eric says he's worried about her - he thought shadowing Hope would be a positive after the violent outbursts at school. Taylor asks if Hope knows about Ally's issues. Eric says Thorne didn't want anyone to know. He reiterates that the tone in her voice when Wyatt's name came up wasn't good. They talk about Ally losing her mother. Taylor remembers helping Thorne tell the little girl her mother wasn't coming back, and how Ally damaged her dress on her wedding day. Taylor tells Eric that the issues are deep and if she's spiraling downward, Hope and Wyatt will have their hands full.

At International, Ally screams at Wyatt to take his hands off Hope now! She asks Hope how she can let him touch her - it's disgusting! Hope cautions, "Whoa, whoa." Ally rants about how Hope has disappointed her. In another office, Brooke tells Thorne that Hope and Wyatt are good together. Thorne clucks, "Not in Ally's eyes." He describes how Ally sees Hope as perfect and has become increasingly upset about Hope's choices, which she almost sees as a betrayal. He explains that it's certainly not Wyatt's fault - he doesn't even know about Ally's problem. Thorne and Brooke arrive in the other office in time to hear Ally hollering, "I hate it, Hope. I hate it!" Thomas appears and greetings are exchanged. Ally glares as Wyatt shares his idea for the Stephanie Forrester jewelry collection to be displayed at the next show. Everyone loves the proposal - except Ally. She verbally attacks Wyatt and accuses him of making a sideshow of her grandmother. Thorne and Thomas try to persuade her, but she argues heatedly with them. She insists the company doesn't need to make money, it's all about Hope's message. Ally's appalled when Brooke and Hope tell her 'the message' became problematic. Once alone, Hope apologizes to Wyatt for Ally's behavior and they kiss. Ally spies. When Hope leaves to find Brooke, Ally confronts Wyatt. She says he's destroying Hope and the company. Ally hisses that Hope has become a hypocrite because of him, and she intends to put a stop to it. Elsewhere, Hope asks Brooke and Thorne about Ally. They reassure her. In the other office, Ally rants at Wyatt, eventually mentioning the perfect Liam. Wyatt exclaims, "Oh my God, you need to slow down, girl." He tries to tell her he's not the jock-type who bothered her in high school, and that they're on the same side. She gets up in his face. "You will not touch Hope again, do you hear me?" She slaps him across the face when he says it's too late, they joined the Mile High Club. Furious, Ally informs him he's fired and he's never to go near Hope again.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke wants to move forward with her life.

Ridge and Katie must decide if they wish to pursue a relationship together.

Hope and Wyatt find themselves in an awkward position.

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