On the Forrester jet, Hope tells Wyatt it's more than okay that he stowed away. They join Brooke, who says they remind her of her and Ridge, the way they always tried to steal every moment they could together. Brooke pouts about being without Ridge. Hope assures her if she and Ridge are meant to be, they'll be together soon.

At International, Ally and Thorne talk to Eric on speakerphone. He tells them Brooke and Hope are on the way. Ally asks if Liam's coming. Eric says he's not - Hope is with Wyatt now. Ally hopes Wyatt's not coming. After the call ends, Ally complains to Thorne that she doesn't like Wyatt or trust him. She thinks he's bad for the company and for Hope. Ally says she's disappointed Hope chose the disrespectful Wyatt over the honorable Liam. She wishes Wyatt would go away. Later, Brooke enters. Ally greets her and goes looking for Hope. When Brooke tells Thorne that Wyatt is with Hope, he expresses concern about Ally's extreme dislike for Wyatt. They talk about Ally's anger issues. Thorne prays Wyatt won't be the trigger that sets her off. In another office, Wyatt shares ideas with Hope. She's impressed. They are making out when Ally arrives. She shouts, "Get your hands off of her! Now!"

Quinn arrives at the Malibu house, where Bill isn't welcoming, and informs her what happened between them was a one-time thing. Quinn warns him not to make promises he won't keep. They bicker about Brooke. Quinn tells him to consider the possibilities of them as a couple. She wonders if he'd like to release his inner beast with her. Bill isn't receptive and wonders if she'd try to get pregnant by him again. Quinn makes it clear she has no intention of going down that road. She says she despises him, but still desires him on some level; probably because he fathered her remarkable son. Quinn promises to keep quiet about their romp, but warns him Brooke and those prom queen types will never give him what he wants. Quinn says she's ruthless like him - she knows what he wants and when to give it to him.

At Forrester, Pam tells Eric that Wyatt's taken Stephanie's jewels to Paris for appraisal and has his full support. He muses about Ally's negative reaction to Wyatt - there was an alarming tone in Ally's voice when she mentioned him. Pam says it's a good thing she's with Thorne. He can keep a protective eye on her. They discuss Ally's issues - she's fine and then it's like a switch is flipped and she becomes violent and full of rage.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Taylor surprises Eric by appearing at Forrester Creations.

Hope and Brooke meet with Thomas at FC International.

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