At Katie's house, she tells Ridge that Will is on a playdate. They discuss their situation. Ridge decides it's time they were honest. Katie wants to stop Brooke from going to Paris, but Ridge thinks they need the time together. Ridge says, "Sometimes life has amazingly wonderful ways of surprising us." Katie says everything she accused Brooke of; that's her now. Ridge says they fought it. Right now he wants to just think about the two of them. He kisses her forehead.

At Brooke's house, Bill wonders whether she thinks what happened at the wedding was an omen. She says, "I don't believe in omens, and neither do you." He replies, "I believe in us." Hope appears and Bill wants her help to convince Brooke to give him a second chance. She laughs. Hope mentions him being upstairs at Liam's house earlier. Bill says he tied one on and wasn't feeling well - he won't let that happen again. Brooke tells Bill she's going to Paris and marrying Ridge when she returns. Bill says he'll be waiting for her to come back - after today he's convinced more than ever that they were meant to be.

At Forrester, Wyatt talks business to Quinn, who smiles distractedly. She says she had the most fascinating encounter with his father earlier. Wyatt is surprised she was with him. She says she went over there knowing the wedding was today. Quinn describes how Bill was unexpectedly vulnerable, yet she enjoyed watching him hurt. Wyatt muses about her loving and hating Bill at the same time. Quinn says they came to an understanding. Wyatt tells her Brooke didn't marry Ridge after all. Quinn looks surprised and unhappy.

Bill returns to Malibu where Liam asks him about Quinn. Bill asks, "You know about that?" Liam says all of Malibu knows. Bill pleads temporary insanity, and says he went to see Brooke, who is going to Paris with Hope for work. Bill thinks there's more to it. "And so do you." After, Bill nurses a coffee and flashes to Brooke in Monte Carlo.

Wyatt arrives at Hope's house. She tells him she's off to Paris. He wants to join her. Hope giggles at him speaking French, and says she's going with her mom. Brooke appears. She turns awkwardly as they make out.

On the Forrester jet, Brooke tells Hope this was supposed to be her wedding night. Brooke tells Hope in her heart, she and Ridge are married. She muses that Katie is probably beating herself up about what happened, which is crazy after what she did to her. Hope reassures her and goes to the bed to lie down. Wyatt's in the covers. He couldn't let her go to the most romantic city in the world alone.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

A Forrester family secret begins to come out.

Brooke learns there is another passenger on the jet.

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