At the hospital, Katie tells Ridge she's sorry. He says, "I'm not." In the corridor, Brooke grills the doctor about Katie. He tells her he's waiting for blood test results. Brooke enters Katie's room as Katie has just told Ridge that this isn't her; she doesn't do these kinds of things. Katie apologizes to Brooke for ruining the wedding. She talks about feeling overwhelmed. Brooke thinks she needs to tell the doctor so they can get to the bottom of this. Katie says there aren't words.

At the Malibu house, Quinn and Bill's wild romp continues in the bedroom as Liam makes his way downstairs in shock. There's a knock - it's Hope. Surprised, Liam invites her in. She tells him Ridge and Brooke's wedding didn't happen. Upstairs, Bill's on top of Quinn, who draws the sword from his necklace across her throat. He growls that she's even more disturbed than he remembered. Downstairs, Hope hears noises and groans and asks Liam if Bill's okay up there. She wonders if they should tell him about the wedding. Liam barks, "No." Later, Quinn and Bill recuperate on the floor and trade insults. He notes she has a scratch. She muses, "From that little dagger? Please. I hardly felt a thing." Downstairs, Hope describes to Liam how Katie fainted at the wedding and they took her to the hospital. Liam mutters that it must have been too stressful for Katie. Hope is puzzled. Liam explains that Katie and Ridge have feelings for each other - deep feelings. Hope is stunned. She says they've never had an attraction. Liam says Ridge is different now. Hope wonders if this is all coming out at the hospital. Hope decides she can't fault Ridge or Katie - you can't help what you feel - but she also can't let her mother marry Ridge under the circumstances. She leaves. Upstairs, Bill and Quinn dress amid the broken debris. She kisses him and leaves. After, Liam asks Bill if he's okay. Bill says, "More or less." He tells Bill there was no wedding and tells him what happened. "Ridge and Brooke aren't married."

Hope arrives at the hospital. Brooke says Katie's heart doesn't seem to be the problem and goes looking for the doctor. Katie tells Hope there's nothing wrong with her. Hope thinks there must be. She tells them she knows what is going on between the two of them. Hope forces Katie to admit she stopped the wedding because she loves Ridge. In the corridor, Brooke learns Katie's tests are all normal.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope wants to protect a new love.

Bill feels regret when he hears Brooke isn't married.

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