At the Forrester mansion, Ridge leans over Katie as the others fret. She has a pulse. Katie sits up and Brooke says the paramedics will be there soon. Brooke asks if she remembers what was happening. Katie says, "Yes. You were getting married." The paramedics arrive and Ridge notes she has a heart condition. Everyone insists she go to the hospital. Brooke says they'll have the wedding another time and goes up to change. Later in the dining room, Hope and Wyatt wonder about Katie and kiss. In the living room, Eric reassures Donna and they kiss. Stephanie's portrait crashes to the ground. Eric says, "Alright, alright. I get it!"

At the Malibu house, Liam tells Bill he's right - Ridge doesn't belong with Brooke. He has his reasons for thinking so. Bill keeps drinking and Liam leaves for a run. Soon, Quinn arrives and notes Bill's bottle. "Alone with your best friend?" Quinn wonders what he expected when he slept with his wife's sister. Bill says she'd never understand. She smirks. He asks why she's there. Quinn says she thought she'd come to keep him company. They're both alone. Quinn pours a scotch and they discuss his disaster. Quinn feels he doesn't like to take responsibility for his actions - he didn't with her. Bill stumbles. She asks if he's okay. He says, "Not today." Quinn hints that she cares about him - though God knows why. He stumbles again. She helps him upstairs to lie down. She calls him a sexist pig and then kisses him hard. They agree they hate each other and then start smashing things in their haste to get clothes off. Quinn brandishes Bill's belt. "Naughty boy." He rips her blouse open. "Crazy bitch." Soon they're ricocheting around the room in a passionate frenzy. Liam comes home, hears a crash and runs up to investigate. He is aghast at what he sees when he opens the door. Closing it again quickly, he is in utter disbelief.

Katie is wheeled into the hospital where the doctor insists on running tests despite Katie's protests that she's fine. Katie is frustrated - this could take all night. Brooke says they have to find out why she fainted. Katie mutters, "I know why I fainted." Brooke steps out with the doctor. Katie tells Ridge she's sorry - she thought she'd be able to pull it off. He asks her to rest. She says there's nothing wrong with her. "I didn't pass out at the wedding. I had to do something..." Katie confesses to Ridge that she couldn't handle seeing him marry Brooke. When Carter started reading that poem she realized her feelings and that it was fate. She says she had two choices - to let Brooke marry him or stop the wedding. Katie tells Ridge that without him, she's lost. Ridge holds her and whispers, "You're not lost."

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill immediately regrets his impulsive actions.

Katie makes a difficult confession.

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