At Spencer, Katie asks Brooke if she's talked to Ridge about her being matron of honor. Brooke says no, but assumes he'll be thrilled. Brooke presses Katie to accept, but she says she can't. Brooke knows she failed her; made a mistake that Katie would never make, but she's trying to get past it. Brooke goes on about Katie being the symbol of all that's honest and pure - they need her there. "Do this for all of us." Katie continues to resist and Brooke becomes agitated. She tells her if she ever wants to be bonded as sisters again she'll do this. Katie gives in. Brooke hugs her.

At Forrester, Wyatt, Hope and Pam are working with Ridge. Pam gets snarky when Ridge compliments Quinn and Wyatt's work. She says they're way ahead of the curve on lots of things. Wyatt makes a remark about Bill possibly reconciling with Katie. Ridge snaps that she doesn't want him. Outside, Pam talks to Wyatt and Hope about the jewelry heist - she doesn't think Liam would ever have done such a thing. Wyatt agrees, and says he's a good guy who deserves to find a good woman. Pam tells Wyatt he's exactly like his dad and leaves. Hope and Wyatt talk about Pam, who cares about her, and Quinn, who's a little nutty. Wyatt defends her. He mentions Quinn's love/hate feelings for Bill. In the office, Ridge talks to Maya and Carter about Brooke living from her heart. He says when he looks in her eyes he gets lost and you want to be 'the one'. "It's been that way until recently." After, Carter tells Maya that Ridge is one with Brooke, like he is with her. They kiss.

Quinn finds Bill shirtless at the beach house. She wonders what's going on in his dark, twisted mind and if it has to do with Brooke Logan. Bill suggests she go find Wyatt at work. Quinn notes how moody he is - she really thinks it must be Brooke. He says it's not, it's Ridge. Quinn tries to get to the root of what is bothering him - is it control...or love? Bill talks about his feelings for Brooke. Quinn thinks there's someone else out there for him. He doesn't want anyone else.

Ridge arrives at Katie's office. She thanks him for coming and warns she'll be at the wedding tomorrow. She scoffs about Brooke thinking she's a paragon of virtue. Ridge wants her there. She says she'll be there to see the brand new beginning. They hug.

Brooke returns to Forrester and tells Hope that Katie reluctantly agreed to be her matron of honor. She thinks it will be good for Katie to see her marry Ridge.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie dreads the upcoming event.

Rick feels better about Ridge after a man-to-man discussion takes place.

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