At Forrester, Ridge tells Eric that he asked Rick to be his best man. Rick joins them. "I agreed." Eric is thrilled and says there is plenty of room in the company for all of them, and that he's happy Ridge had the sense to make Brooke his wife. Ridge says this is why he came back - to reunite with Brooke and to regain his place at Forrester. Maya and Carter enter. Ridge asks Carter to officiate his wedding. Carter is honored. After, Ridge tells Rick and Eric that this wedding can't happen fast enough. Eric says Stephanie would be pleased. Later, Rick admits to Eric that he's concerned about his mother. Eric reassures him. Outside, Ridge thinks about Brooke...and then Katie.

At the Forrester mansion, Donna, Ally, and Brooke listen as Pam tells them coyly that she and Charlie are just friends. They all squeal and hug about Brooke's upcoming wedding. Donna asks about their Valentine's Day. Brooke says they didn't spend it together - they decided to wait until after they're married. She adds that they will also wait to tell R.J. until after the ceremony. They discuss the small ceremony they will have there and wonder if Stephanie will make her presence known. Brooke likes Pam's suggestion that they marry under Stephanie's portrait. Pam asks who will stand up for her. Brooke has to think about that. She toasts to being grateful her life is coming together. Ally hopes she's in love like Brooke one day. The women counsel her to keep something for herself when she's in a relationship. Pam reflects on losing herself in Stephen. Brooke asks if Thorne will return for the wedding. Ally says he can't get away, and she'd like to go visit him. Brooke hugs her.

Liam tells Katie, in her office, that if she and Ridge have feelings for one another he should not be marrying Brooke. He thinks she should put a stop to it. Katie clucks that he's lost his mind. Besides, Brooke and Ridge belong together. Liam counters that maybe Katie and Ridge belong together. He says he could feel the chemistry between them. Katie knows he cares about her, but Brooke and Ridge are meant to be. Liam sighs that everyone said that about him and Hope. He suggests that maybe 'fate' isn't the way to go; maybe Ridge needs a woman he can count on. Katie can't be like Brooke - she's not going to be the reason R.J. doesn't have his mother and father together. Liam grumbles about not seeing Hope on Valentine's Day. Katie says she walked around the park alone. She recalls the happier trip with Ridge and the kids and tells Liam about their poem, Love's Philosophy by Percy Shelley. Later, Brooke visits Katie and asks her to be her matron of honor.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke wants to mend fences with Katie.

Hope has some questions for one of the Fullers - about the other.

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