Hope arrives at the beach house to find Wyatt has flowers, chocolate, and himself on offer for Valentine's Day. They kiss. Hope says she didn't get him anything. He says she did - herself. They kiss. She tells Wyatt that her mother's engaged to Ridge. Wyatt feels a bit bad for Bill, who seemed so confident about winning her back. Hope says it was only a matter of time once Ridge returned. Wyatt says he has more important things to think about. They kiss. Wyatt says he has dinner reservations, but Hope would rather stay there and be with him. They have a champagne toast and agree doing nothing should be their tradition. Wyatt is overwhelmed that they're thinking long-term. They kiss.

At Spencer, Liam tells Katie he saw Ridge. She says she knows he's marrying Brooke. "Just like I wanted him to." They get into another debate about her denying her feelings. Katie appreciates his concern, but tells him he has to stop. She decides to get out of there. Later, Liam spies an ad with Hope wearing a wedding dress and flashes to happier times. He writes her a text to wish her a Happy Valentine's Day and then sighs.

At Forrester, Ridge thanks Rick for not putting up a fight about him and Brooke getting engaged. He wonders if Rick would give his full support. Rick says he'll always believe in their 'destiny' as long as his mother needs him to. Ridge asks him to be his best man. Rick asks him to tell him he will mean every vow. Ridge says he's ready and they can make this work. Rick agrees, for Brooke's sake. Ridge tells him they can skip the bachelor party.

Bill surprises Brooke at her front door with a huge bouquet of red roses. "Happy Valentine's Day, Brooke." He tells her to grab her coat, the limo's waiting. She sighs. He tells her he knows she's upset with him, but he won't give up. Brooke says there's something she has to tell him. "I'm engaged. Ridge and I are getting married." Bill doesn't think Ridge deserves another chance. Brooke says he needs to be with Katie - he can get his company and his son back. She's certain there will never be another man for Katie. Bill wants to be with Brooke. He warns Ridge will let her down - he always does. He says Ridge is indecisive and soft. There's not a shred of that in him. Brooke tells him to go. He asks for the papers Katie signed - they can have it all again. "I love you and only you." Brooke sheds a tear and husks, "Stop." Bill leaves.

Katie walks in the park with her poetry book and flashes to spending time with Ridge there. Nearby, Ridge walks through the park also. They each recite their poem in their minds.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge and Brooke's impending nuptials makes for mixed feelings.

Bill hits the bottle and receives comfort from an unexpected person.

Katie realizes her sacrifice.

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