At Forrester, Ridge asks Brooke to put the ring back on her finger. "Marry me." A single tear runs down Brooke's cheek. Brooke asks about his previous request for more time. He says he doesn't want to lose anymore time and apologizes for not planning something more grand. Brooke says all she needs is him, but she needs to know that this time it will be forever. Ridge confirms that when he says his vows he'll be committed - he's determined to put their family back together. She says in her heart, she's already his bride. "Yes!" They kiss. Ridge suggests they tell R.J., but Brooke wants to surprise him after. They kiss.

At Spencer Publications, Liam thanks Katie for having faith in him. They laugh about him thinking she was going to can him, and then talk about Bill. Liam brings up her feelings for Ridge. She threatens to take his promotion back and says it's over between them - not that anything ever started. Katie sighs that Ridge and Brooke belong together. Liam points out that everyone says that, but it's never worked out. Katie says this is about her - she put a stop to it and practically insisted he propose to Brooke. Liam thinks she's doing this for R.J., and theorizes that Ridge might be better off with Katie - no scandals to worry about. He continues to push for a Katie/Ridge union despite her protests, and assures her he'd still respect her. Katie admits they have things in common, but she wants him and Brooke to be happy. She flashes to good times with Ridge and looks sad.

At the beach house, Bill and Quinn reflect on the kiss. She says she was right about it. Quinn teases him about Brooke. "Maybe you're losing your touch." They debate about Brooke's interest in Ridge, and discuss Katie not wanting Bill back. Quinn muses that if there was another Ridge around he'd be ideal for Katie. Bill asks about Quinn and Eric. She says it's not that way - no one can compete with the memory of his dead wife. They debate about whether she is 'driven' or 'obsessive-compulsive'. She wonders about Bill going weeks without sex. She can't understand him and his sons being obsessed with the Logan women. She adds that Katie seems more like Ridge's type than Brooke does. Bill says that's ridiculous. Quinn needles him some more about Katie kicking him to the curb. She's amused about his loss of power. Bill says he hasn't given up - far from it. He alludes to Valentine's Day plans. Quinn asks about Katie. He says she'll find another man. "Anyone but Ridge."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Wyatt is puzzled by Quinn and Bill's interaction.

Katie hears news from Brooke.

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