At the beach house, Quinn tells Bill that Wyatt and Hope are officially an item. She thinks Wyatt could use his support, and he could help convince Liam to back off. Quinn asks him how things are with Brooke. Bill says Brooke's holding out but they're meant to be. He goes on about Brooke feeling guilty because of Katie, but he wants a life with her. Quinn quips, "Not the most loyal bitch in the kennel, is she?" Bill says they just have to get past this issue with Katie. Quinn supposes Katie doesn't want them together since she doesn't have another man. Bill says he'll tell Wyatt she stopped by. Quinn recalls giving Bill the sword necklace and says he gave her Wyatt. She kisses him to see if it feels the same. He asks, "And?"

At Katie's house, she and Ridge discuss how much fun it's been doing things together with the kids. She says she has loved every minute, and hasn't felt like this in a long time. She says the kids can remain close; that doesn't have to stop, but they do. They talk about knowing each other since they were young. Katie said she noticed him even then. She reflects that it's been a long time since she's felt this way, but there's no future with Bill and she needs to stop this before something happens she'll regret. Katie tells him it's a fantasy - he could never be hers. Ridge tells Katie she's more than a friend to him. She says she doesn't want to be Brooke, and that's who she'll turn into if this doesn't stop. She urges Ridge to go home to Brooke and patch things up for the sake of his son. Ridge asks if it's what she really wants. She pleads with him to do it. He steps close, and then turns and walks away. Later, Katie flashes to being with Ridge.

At Forrester, Hope talks about Wyatt, and then Brooke admits that Bill's still been pursuing her. She says she'll keep her promise to Katie to have nothing more to do with him. Brooke says Ridge is the only man for her - losing their deep connection just isn't an option. Hope asks about Bill. Brooke says she has never felt for anyone what she does for Ridge. Hope muses that Katie must be glad that Ridge came back. Brooke thinks Ridge will be back soon. Later, Ridge finds Brooke and tells her his life has been like learning to back up a trailer. Now he knows what he needs - her. He proposes.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Quinn takes advantage of Bill's vulnerability.

Katie has second thoughts about her decision.

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