A meeting at Forrester Creations dissolves into a discussion about Hope's love life after Brooke coos that she won't be in because she was out late last night with Wyatt. Ridge asks about Liam. Rick makes a comment about relationships that run their course. Brooke glances at Ridge before asking Carter and Maya when they're getting married. Everyone chatters about setting a date. Maya says she has to go meet with Oliver and flashes to their kiss. Ridge offers to have their wedding at the Forrester estate. Carter prompts Maya to commit, but she says they'll talk about it later. She goes. Carter tells Ridge he's sure Maya will accept his offer. Once alone, Brooke smiles at Ridge. "All that wedding talk..." Ridge broaches the subject of R.J. leaving Ojai to live at home. Brooke thinks his parents should be living under one roof first. In the studio, Oliver is with a man who has a cute puppy. Maya visits with the puppy before they turn their attention to photo proofs. Oliver tells her she looks amazing. Maya blurts that their kiss was a mistake and it can't happen again. Oliver tells her not to feel guilty, he initiated it. Maya says she does. Oliver says it's because she's an amazing woman. They agree they love working together. Later, Maya enters the steam room, where Carter says he got her text. He immediately starts talking about getting married at the Forrester estate. She avoids answering by kissing him. In the office, Brooke tells Rick it's only a matter of time before Ridge realizes they need to be a family again. She confirms things are over with Bill and says she'll regain Ridge's trust and get him home. "I'll always be the love of Ridge's life."

At Katie's house, Liam flashes to seeing her close moment with Ridge previously. Katie then floors Liam by telling him she wants to make him vice-president of Spencer Publications. They talk about the state of Spencer. Liam says Katie has proven her leadership and he's excited about the new position. Liam admits he was worried she might fire him when he got her memo. He says he stopped over last night but she was busy with Ridge...it looked like something was going on between them. Katie assures him they're just friends but asks him not to say anything to anyone. Liam agrees, but muses that he had no idea they were such close...friends. He thinks she has feelings for him. Katie says she cares about him, and he gets this whole mess better than anyone, but she'd be a hypocrite to let anything come of it. Liam says she deserves to be happy and he sees nothing wrong with her and Ridge. Katie insists it's a fantasy. "Nothing can ever happen between Ridge and me." Later, Ridge arrives and Katie tells him Liam saw them together last night and asked her about it. She makes it clear that their connection can only be friends. She won't do to Brooke what she did to her. Ridge wonders what she's asking of him. Katie thanks him for being so nice to her, but says she can't see him anymore. "This has to be the end."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie thinks Ridge should put his family back together.

Bill sees a different side of Quinn.

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