At Wyatt's beach house, he and Hope kiss on the sofa. They admire her emerald bracelet, and she asks if he's ready for another trip - she loved the adventure. Hope flashes to making love in the tent on the beach. Wyatt says it will just get better and better. Wyatt thinks about the highlights of their road trip. Hope catches him smiling. He says he's happy and vows not to let her down again. They kiss and things heat up. Soon, they're in the bedroom undressing. Wyatt stops to reflect on meeting her at Big Bear leading to them being there and then they make love.

At Bikini Bar, Liam wonders what Ally must think of him drowning his sorrows at the bar after Hope chose Wyatt. Ally tells him to consider her his personal flotation device. He tells her she looks amazing and asks if she has a crush on one of the waiters. She says she doubts the guy will notice her. They talk about Thorne being in Paris. Ally says Eric has been a great father figure. She offers to pass along a message to Steffy, but Liam says that chapter is closed. He wants to be with Hope and believes it's still possible. They discuss Hope choosing Wyatt. Liam thinks she feels obligated to pursue it because of how far she let it go. He goes on and on about the situation. Ally looks glum. She wonders if Hope knows how lucky she is. Liam gets a work memo about Katie calling a meeting and thanks Ally for listening before leaving.

Ridge and R.J. arrive at Katie's house and start playing with Will's toys. R.J. tells Katie that she wore his dad out this afternoon. Ridge recalls the soccer and poetry and says it was a day well spent. Ridge builds the boys a fort and talks about all of them going to a Galaxy or Kings game together. Katie thanks Ridge for today - she's enjoyed the simplicity of it and not worrying about business or control. Ridge surprises her by saying he always has seen her as driven. She agrees, but is used to others not seeing her that way. He tells her it's strange - he feels like he just now met her. Later, Ridge sends R.J. out to the car and tells Katie he knows she's feeling something, and he's feeling it too. He says she deserves to be admired, appreciated, and desired. Liam appears in the doorway as they are about to kiss. He ducks away. Katie tells Ridge she can't do this to her sister.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Pressure mounts for Maya to set a wedding date with Carter.

Liam discusses a sensitive subject with Katie.

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